Zverso, the first 100% free crypto academy in Latin America present in Blockchain Land


Being an alternate platform of the Blumer social network, Zverso presents itself as the right place to learn about cryptocurrencies for free today. There you can enjoy a large number of resources such as introductory courses, articles of interest and endless tools that can offer you a competitive advantage for understanding the opportunities offered by web 3.0.

What does Zverse offer?

Currently, Zverso has more than 100 students, training every day with more than 50 hours of totally free educational content and more than 10 introductory courses to promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies and facilitate the understanding of the crypto world to thousands of people worldwide. .

Among the most outstanding courses you can find the following:

Introduction ZVERSE

This introductory course explains the entire operation of the Zverso platform and the advantages it offers for beginners in the crypto world. Apart from offering high-level educational content, Zverso rewards its users with BLUM tokens (Native Token of the Blumer platform) as they complete the courses.

Blockchain Course

A course of 3 ideal lessons to learn in depth the history of blockchain, its operation, the types of blockchains that exist and the meaning of smart contracts.

Course on Cryptocurrencies

It is presented as an introductory course on cryptocurrencies. Here you will learn what is the meaning of these digital assets, as well as the use cases it offers and teaches you how to trade cryptocurrencies easily and quickly.

Course on NFT

In 3 easy lessons, here you’ll learn all about NFTs, how to be a part of this growing digital industry, and some ways to monetize your art if you’re a designer, illustrator, musician, photographer, etc.

What are the advantages of using Zverso?

This platform specializes in learning about cryptocurrencies and was born as the first 100% free academy on cryptocurrencies in which you can develop your knowledge in crypto and blockchain, while earning cryptocurrencies.

Among the most notable advantages of the platform we can find:

Created to improve the way in which we can access educational content at all times with the best visual quality.

Users, apart from enjoying endless learning resources, can rely on instructors specialized in crypto and blockchain to be guided free of charge on their way to mastering the tools offered by web 3.0.

For crypto adoption.

We offer 100% free high-level content to help thousands of people from Latin America and the world to develop their knowledge in cryptographic matters and join this new economic and technological transition that offers great opportunities today.

Do you want to learn about crypto for free?

Join Zverse!

Also if you want to download the Blumer social network that offers cryptocurrencies for interacting, you can do it through the following link.

Download the App now!

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