Zaporizhzhya reconnected to the electricity grid


Zaporizhzhya’s nuclear power plant is now reconnected to the Ukrainian electricity grid, the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA announces. At the same time, the Czech Republic wants to see a war crimes tribunal after the discovery of mass graves in Izium.Published: September 17, 2022, 9:23 p.mOne of the Zaporizhzhyas four main lines are now said to be functioning and providing power to the plant. Thus, the three backup lines can be disconnected and saved as backup measures. “The repaired 750 kilovolt line now supplies Europe’s largest nuclear power plant with the electricity it needs to cool the reactors and other basic safety functions,” writes the IAEA on Twitter. Since August, Zaporizhzhya has from been disconnected from the mains. For the past two weeks, according to the German public service company ARD, the plant has relied on a backup line, which meant that safety was dependent on unsafe lines that did not work for periods. Last weekend, Ukraine’s state energy company Energoatom announced the shutdown of the sixth and final reactor. However, the reactors still need electricity to be able to cool down. IAEA director Rafael Grossi states that the situation at the nuclear power plant is still unstable. According to the two IAEA observers remaining in Zaporizhzhya, the nuclear power plant has not been the target of direct fire in recent days, but fighting continues in the immediate area. The nuclear power plant was disconnected from the grid after artillery shelling took place in the area, fighting that Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of being behind . The IAEA has repeatedly warned of an unsustainable situation and announced that urgent measures were required. After the disconnection, the nuclear power plant was put in an “isolated mode” where power was generated in the reactor to be able to maintain the necessary cooling systems. In Izium continues at the same time the heavy work of digging up more victims from the found mass graves. According to The Guardian, the authorities are trying to dig up 50 bodies every day. The discovery of the mass graves has prompted the Czech Republic, which currently holds the presidency of the EU’s Council of Ministers, to call on the rest of the world to establish an international tribunal for war crimes during the war in Ukraine. Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky writes on Twitter: “Russia has left behind mass graves with hundreds shot and tortured in the area around Izium. In the 21st century, such attacks on civilians are unthinkable and abhorrent. We must not see through the fingers with it. We stand behind all punishments for war criminals.” Citing, among other things, Izium, Ukraine on Saturday rejected the peace plan Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he would present next week. The plan is said to involve Pope Francis, UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi forming a dialogue – and peace committee.President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s adviser Mychajlo Podoljak commented on Twitter: “‘Peace brokers’ using war for their own promotion only cause confusion. Is your plan to keep millions occupied, increase the number of mass graves and give Russia time to build up its reserve troops for the next offensive? Then your ‘plan’ is a plan,” he writes.

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