Yasmeen John – One of the Most Influential Women in Hip-Hop


yasmeen john

Founder of the hip-hop brand FUBU, Yasmeen John is one of the most influential women in hip-hop. The 25-year-old daughter of the late entrepreneur and rapper, Daymond John, has a net worth of $65 million. She is also a freelance writer, an Instagram star and has launched her own clothing line.

Daymond John’s net worth

Having worked in the apparel industry since his teenage years, Daymond John is a seasoned businessman. With his colorful personality and savvy business sense, he’s become a successful investor and entrepreneur. He has invested in many sectors, including social media, retail sales, and marketing.

Currently, Daymond John has an estimated net worth of $300 million. He’s also an investor on the Shark Tank TV show. He’s been a judge on the show since 2009. He’s a famous public speaker, motivational speaker, and author. He’s been named NAACP Entrepreneur of the Year, Brandweek Marketer of the Year, and Essence Award winner. He has also received the Asper Award for Excellence in Global Entrepreneurship from the Brandeis University International Business School.

Daymond John grew up in Hollis, Queens. He was diagnosed with dyslexia in middle school, but he managed to overcome his reading difficulties to become a successful entrepreneur.

While still in high school, Daymond Day started working, earning $2 an hour. He worked in a Red Lobster restaurant as a waiter in the afternoon. He later started his own commuter van service. He also started selling clothes out of the trunk of his car. He later worked with other rappers and celebrities. Eventually, he became the CEO of a multi-million-dollar fashion empire, FUBU.

Savannah O’Leary’s freelance career

Touted as an enthusiast and a media hound, Savannah O’Leary is more than just a screen clapper. Aside from her day job at Purpose, she is also a bona fide multimedia wizard and a proud owner of a shiny gold trophy. One would hope that a long-standing career in advertising and marketing would pay off in spades, albeit in an understated fashion. After all, her latest gig is akin to a gold rush, and there’s nothing like an extra hundred bucks to boot. Fortunately, her high-octane clientele is a well-balanced bunch, and a long weekend in Vegas will make for an enviable weeknight. Not to mention, the requisite swag bag. So, while she’s not the queen of the court, she’s still one of the pack.

FUBU founder

FUBU is a famous American clothing brand. It was started in 1992 by Daymond John. He merged his passion for hip-hop and fashion. His company has made $6 billion in global sales.

Daymond John is also an investor on the ABC television show Shark Tank. He has invested $8 million in over 60 companies on the show. He has also published four books. He has also signed deals with Shopify and Audible. He is the founder of The Shark Group. He also has a daughter named Minker.

Daymond John is a TV and motivational speaker. He is also the founder of the FUBU Foundation, which raises $1 million a year for urban youth. The FUBU brand is also featured at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History.

Daymond John started his career by working as a waiter at Red Lobster. In high school, he worked at a seafood restaurant chain. Then, he became a van driver for commuters. He worked for a couple of years, before launching his first business.


During the last year, Yasmeen has had a lot of press. In fact, she has been featured in multiple Spotify Curated playlists. She has also been noticed by Grammy-winning superstar Ne-Yo. She is currently based in Los Angeles.

In spite of her young age, Yasmeen has an incredible look. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and has black hair and dark eyes. She has a sculpted body and a thin frame. She is very fitness conscious. She enjoys yoga and exercise to keep her body in shape.

Yasmeen is a very hard-working, professional woman. She has done well in her career, and has accumulated a net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars. She has a private Instagram account, which she uses to keep her identity private. She has more than 1,200 followers.

The daughter of Daymond John, Yasmeen is a celebrity. Her father is an American businessman, television personality, and investor. He has three daughters. He is also an author and the founder of FUBU.

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