XP / Ipespe: Bolsonaro's disapproval and Lula's strength increase

Charlie Taylor

The March round of the XP / Ipespe survey shows continuity in the trajectory of increasing disapproval of President Jair Bolsonaro's management. The group of those who consider the administration bad or terrible grew 3 percentage points, going from 42% to 45% – the trend of high has been registered since October of last year, when the negative evaluations were at 31%. Those who consider government to be excellent or good fluctuated from 31% to 30%.XP / Ipespe: Bolsonaro's disapproval and Lula's strength increase

XP / Ipespe

The change coincides with the worsening in the perception of the president's performance in the face of the coronavirus pandemic (the negative evaluation in this specific area jumped from 53% to 61%) and with an increase in the perception of risk about the disease (the portion that says he is with much fear of the outbreak grew ten percentage points, from 39% to 49%). The share that believes that the country's economy is going in the wrong direction has also been expanded (63% in March against 57% in February). respondents said they had already taken the vaccine, and the proportion of those who say they are certainly not going to get vaccinated has dropped from 11% in January to 6% now.

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800 nationwide interviews were held on March 9, 10 and 11. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points.


The first XP / Ipespe poll since the decision of the Supreme Federal Court that returned former President Lula to eligibility shows a stiffening in the 2022 presidential dispute. stimulated scenario. Following are Sergio Moro (10%), Ciro Gomes (9%) and Luciano Huck (6%). Other candidates together score 10%. In an eventual second round between the two, Bolsonaro would have 41% and Lula, 40%.

Second round

In the other runoff simulations, Bolsonaro appears ahead of Fernando Haddad (40% to 36%), Luciano Huck (37% to 32%), Ciro Gomes (39% to 37%), Guilherme Boulos (40% 30%) and João Doria (39% to 29%) – but numerically behind Sergio Moro (31% to 34%). In the spontaneous survey, when candidates are not presented to the interviewees, Bolsonaro went from 21% to 25% and Lula, from 5% to 17%. When asked about the next president, 52% say they prefer to vote for a candidate who “totally changes the way Brazil is being managed”. Another 29% say they prefer someone who “changes a little”, 15% “who continues the current form”. Just click here if you are already an investorThe post XP / Ipespe: Bolsonaro's disapproval increases and Lula's strength appeared first in 1 Billion Financial Education.

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