Women in the crypto world: a chat with Cátia Azenha

Charlie Taylor

Although women make up a little more than half of the Brazilian population, they are still a minority in the world of investments and cryptocurrencies. Proof of this is that only a quarter of the people who invest in the stock exchange are women, according to IBGE data. And this is a record number, recently the stock exchange registered the mark of 1 million investors. Just two years ago that number was 388,000 women accumulating assets, only a minority. In the cryptocurrency market this trend is no different. According to data from the IRS, women are responsible for only about 12% of recent negotiations with cryptocurrencies. To break the initial barriers that women may encounter to enter the world of investments, and especially the crypt world, channels like of Cátia Azenha exist and present excellent results.

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In order to understand everything about this subject, and how women can start investing in a simple way, let's talk to Cátia, from the Crypto Women's World, at This Friday's Satoshi connection.Join the live chat on YouTube by being present at 4pm, just subscribe to the Cointimes channel and activate notifications to not miss the live. The podcast also features hosts Isac Honorato, Neto Guaraci and Gustavo Marinho.

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