Will Bitcoin stay in the past? Analyst who has already delivered 2,295% of profits teaches how to invest in NFTs and reveals 2 cryptocurrencies that could take off in the coming months

Charlie Taylor

The new fever in the world of cryptocurrencies is NFTs, and they open up the possibility of achieving even greater profits than Bitcoin for those who know where to invest. cryptocurrencies already know: the Bitcoin is no longer new and the acronym NFT it's the fever now. All the news portals only talk about this, and the subject was so widespread that it ended up even in an article in Fantástico. It wouldn't be for less. Famous as Elon Musk and even the CEO of Twitter got on board and prices linked to that market took off quickly.NFT in Fantástico, by GloboReproduction / Globo. You active linked to fever NFT are being so commented on worldwide that they ended up leaving even the Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency most famous in the world.

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A lot of people know that something is happening, but they don't know exactly where to invest in order to start profiting from this “fashion”, thus failing to take advantage of one of those opportunities that only appear once in a lifetime. ACCESS HERE A COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO INVEST IN NFTs

A guide to investing in NFTs

That's why André Franco, a cryptocurrency specialist at the largest financial content publisher in Brazil, Empiricus, decided to create a guide with everything you need to know to have a chance to profit from NFTs. what NFTs were, so I decided to create this guide, explaining in an easy way how this technology works ”, says André. André leads one of the most profitable cryptocurrency portfolios, delivering a total of + 2,295% profits to readers who have followed his buying recommendations in recent years. But, according to him, this is still not close to the potential found in the market of NFT Tokens, which can provide even more expressive gains for those who invest correctly now, in the beginning of the technology. 2,295%

But what are NFTs?

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens created on the Blockchain in order to attest to the authenticity of an item. I'll explain: this story could very well be an NFT. In fact, the New York Times did something like this: New York Times NewsSource: Tecnoblog What happens is that, the article is here, everyone can read it and even reproduce it in other places, but with the possession of an NFT Token of the article, you would have the certificate that would prove that you are the real owner of it. For some it may be difficult to understand this, but as the guide prepared by André Franco says: the NFTs replace the need for a physical asset to certify the possession of something. The Louvre museum has works of art by Monalisa. Right? You know this because the picture is physical. It's there, hanging on the museum wall. But, what if Monalisa's painting was a digital art? Well, could you attest to its authenticity and possession through an NFT Token. worry. The guide prepared by the analyst can help you with that.2 NFT TOKENS MAY TAKE OFF IN THE NEXT MONTHS

You don't need to buy a digital work of art to profit from this market.

Of course, most investors think that to invest in NFTs the easiest way would be to speculate on the value of digital works, since every day there is news about digital works being sold in the millions of dollars. André explains that this is not the case. “In fact, a lot of people are going to lose money speculating with these arts, as is already happening. This is by no means the best way to profit from this market ”, points out André. The real revolution in NFT tokens (as well as the chance to profit from them) is not there, but at the root of technology. (HOW TO INVEST IN NFT) A COMPLETE GUIDE FOR YOU TO PROFIT IN THIS MARKET

2 NFTs that are expected to fire in the coming months

“Since when I started studying this market, I found two tokens linked to the NFT market. They act as a root of technology and can become winners of that race, whether people are paying millions or cents for digital works. It doesn't matter here ”, explains the analyst. In other words: instead of speculating about buying rights to arts in NFT forms, André Franco indicates that investors are looking to invest in the source of this technology. The arts come and go, but the revolution caused by the root of NFT technology can remain forever in our society, changing the way we consume and authenticate important things. You will probably invest in NFTs at some point. The revolution caused by them is inevitable and may be even greater than the revolution caused by Bitcoin. Just know if you are going to invest now, at the beginning, or after, when everyone is already inserted in this market and prices are inflated by the high offer. To have access to the tokens recommended by André Franco, as well as the complete guide on NFTs that he prepared for investors interested in profiting from this technology, just click here.ACCESS NOW A GUIDE ON HOW TO INVEST IN NFT WITH ANDRÉ FRANCO

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