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The exponential growth of blockchain technology and the development of cryptocurrencies as a common form of payment have created the foundations for the development of a market that is gaining strength and is constantly fueled by innovation by enthusiasts with large projects.

The cryptocurrency market is presented as the most volatile and attractive financial market today; Today we will be talking about one of the best platforms to trade and exchange digital assets in a “comfortable and safe” way.

Stay until the end so you can see the number of tools offered by this disruptive exchange platform “where innovative digital assets meet”

What is CoinEx?

Born in 2017 with the aim of bringing new technologies to the greatest number of people by taking advantage of the rise of centralized exchange platforms and trading in the cryptocurrency market, all in a low-cost ecosystem with low trading fees and a powerful matching engine capable of providing high-end services.

CoinEx is characterized by offering tools and products capable of meeting the daily needs of more than 2 million users. supported by an ecosystem made up of 6 platforms where you can see the CoinEx exchange, its own blockchain, online wallets, investment funds and direct exchange platforms which may be precise in their execution.

Next, all the platforms of the CoinEx ecosystem.

CoinEx exchange.

It includes more than 300 trading pairs between cryptocurrencies and currencies. You also have other investment options such as spot market, margin market, perpetual futures market, miningamong many other tools in the cryptocurrency market.

CoinEx Blockchain.

It is a CoinEx own blockchain that works as a decentralized platform and allows the creation of applications to promote the creation of projects based on cryptocurrencies.

One Swap.

Execute fast, automated trades on a variety of trading pairs and multiple blockchains.

ViaBTC Fund.

It works as a platform that offers cryptocurrency mining services created in 2016 with the aim of promoting cryptographic development worldwide.


It is a virtual wallet with the capacity to support the most popular cryptocurrencies of the moment and various blockchain tokens associated with them, it also presents multiple protection measures to guarantee the security of the assets.

ViaBTC Capital.

It works as an investment fund focused on DApps that combine DeFi, NFT and DAO elements.

If you are not registered yet you can do it through the following link!


What does CoinEx offer?

CoinEx has the world’s first 10,000 TPS matching enginecreated in 2017 in response to the problems presented by other centralized platforms at that time and the inefficiency in the operation of the system to execute operations; they also have high liquidity due to the volume that moves daily and allows transactions to be executed immediately with a minimum margin of error.

It is also important to highlight the level of security they provide by having funds stored in cold walletsoutside the reach of third parties and offering a 100% guarantee in case of extraction (which has not happened).

In addition, they have specialized support in 16 languages ​​for more than 200 countriescoming to present an exponential growth in the number of registered users that until now amounts to more than 2,000,000 users.

To end

Having a platform like CoinEx means enjoying a competitive advantage over other platforms, since diversity of investment options and valuable tools are just a click away. If you want to take your investment portfolio to the next level, take the opportunity to join the most complete global cryptocurrency exchange of the moment.

CoinEx is the only place where you will find everything to make money with cryptocurrencies!


For more information visit their official links on social networks.

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