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This is how to stop the rats – with digital technology

Published: November 21, 2022, 2:48 p.mAs the cities grow, the rats become more numerous. Here is the digital technology that effectively puts an end to the pests. – It has fundamentally changed our work, says Ulf Eripe, technical director at Anticimex Global.Read more about how pest control with IoT works here The mental image of pest control is a poisoned trap. Every now and then you go and whitewash the box on the catch. Of course, today’s connected rat traps with sensors still have to be emptied, but otherwise not much is the same at the global pest control company Anticimex. – We can remotely monitor and analyze, we see what is happening at the customers without having to go there unnecessarily, says Ulf Eripe and continues: – You can compare it to a burglar alarm, an alarm that indicates pests but also catches pests. It gives us the opportunity to act earlier, minimizes damage to our customers and gives us operational security. With our connected traps and sensors, we know the problem and where the pests are getting in. Based on that aspect, it will be a win-win for both us and the customer.Ulf Eripe is technical manager at Anticimex Global.Ulf Eripe is technical director at Anticimex Global. The investment in digital pest control was started in 2015 after being preceded by local initiatives. Anticimex, which is now present in 21 markets and is considered the third largest company in the world in pest control, has approximately 350,000 traps and sensors connected at the moment. – The number of connected traps and sensors has grown by 65 percent in the last 12 months, so it accounts for a large part of our growth, says Eripe. The technology behind the digital traps is called Anticimex SMART and for the connection they have used the help of Telenor IoT. – In the devices there is a global SIM card from Telenor, which is connected to our backend system . We were looking for a solution that could be deployed globally, it would be possible to connect without having to deal with local SIM cards. That was a contributing reason why we chose them.According to Ulf Eripe, Telenor IoT is an important piece of the puzzle in Anticimex SMART’s global expansion in recent years – precisely thanks to the global connection possibilities and the personal round-the-clock support. – It helps us to establish ourselves more quickly with our solutions in new markets, especially where it can be complicated to arrange a reliable nationwide connection with local operators, says Eripe. The digitization of pest control has also had other positive effects – Anticimex has made its operations more efficient thanks to the monitoring possibilities and has also reduced its environmental impact. – Historically, poison has been used, but the systems we use today take care of the pests mechanically or electrically. It also reduces the risks of so-called secondary poisoning, meaning that other animals or people are not exposed to poisons.Read more about how pest control with IoT works here


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