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Charlie Taylor

Ethereum's blockchain-based game Axie Infinity is now a hit among cash reward games. As a result, there is a growing demand for Axies, the game's tradable tokens. This caused a small economic boom, a significant increase in its price, valuing much more than other altcoins in the market last week. Axie Infinity (AXS) grew 28.2% in 24 hours and already adds up to an impressive 190% week. The current price of the token is $13.63 according to CoinGoLive. From the 23rd of June until today, the 7th of July, the AXS token has valued 356% (14 days). Axie Infinity on TradingViewSource: tradingview.com/ From the 23rd of June until today, the 7th of July, the AXS token has valued 356% (14 days).

axie infinity values

According to DappRadar, Axie Infinity is now the biggest NFT market in cryptocurrencies. This business model created a sustainable economy in the Axie network. Like? Newcomers who want to play need to buy Axie NFTs. While players who are already in the game are also encouraged to create new Axies and profit from their sales. These two activities increase the demand for the game's native token.

NFT sales increase

If we use the example of Axie, then it seems that NFTs can be a source of revenue and used umas an investment – ​​as long as there is attractive use attached to them. In the future, more NFT platforms may seek to achieve the success of Axie Infinity by imitating the they did. This blockchain-based game has found success in emerging markets, where investors even offer scholarships to novice players. Read more about the increase in sales in the global NFT market and watch our live with Axie's player who makes R$2,000 a week:

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