Where To Buy Crypto? Discover The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Dubai

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The market for cryptocurrencies is growing around the globe and is even predicted to eventually supplant established banking institutions. Dubai is quickly becoming one of the top venues for trading cryptocurrencies due to its numerous rules that encourage blockchain technology.

Before you do any research, it might be tough to determine which crypto exchange would work best for your needs. For instance, you must assess the exchange’s support for various crypto marketplaces and the costs and commissions it levies.


Additionally, you must determine whether adequate levels of customer service are provided and what forms of payment are accepted. With the goal of assisting you in selecting the finest crypto exchange in the UAE, we go through these important indicators in great detail in the evaluations that follow.

How Can I Buy Cryptocurrency in Dubai and the UAE?

You can take the following actions to purchase bitcoin in the UAE:

1. Open an account for trading

You must first create a brokerage account by signing up with a cryptocurrency exchange or broker e.g. eToro. Additionally, you may create a trading account with exchanges for cryptocurrencies like Coinbase, Kraken, etc.

2. Make a payment

Depositing funds into your trading account comes next after it has been validated. Direct bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards are all options.

3. Purchase cryptocurrencies

It can take three days or so for the money you put to appear in the account. You are prepared to purchase cryptocurrencies once it is finished. Depending on your needs and what the broker or exchange is providing, you can purchase cryptocurrencies. Either a full coin or a piece of a coin can be purchased.

4. Keep digital currency in Wallet

After purchasing bitcoin, you must store it securely to prevent loss and theft. You may ensure the security of your cryptocurrency purchase by keeping it on an electronic wallet with a private key, which can be hardware-based or web-based.

Prominent Exchanges In The UAE

The ideal place for traders to trade their crypto assets is an online exchange. Here in the UAE, there are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges in operation, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine a few of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the UAE based on their costs, security, payment options, and other aspects:

1. eToro

One of the most reliable and safe crypto exchanges in the UAE is eToro. ASIC, CySEC, and the FCA are just a few of the regulatory agencies that have sanctioned and are in charge of it. At eToro, you may start trading with as little as $10. Numerous other currencies are supported by the site. You also have the choice of making investments in stocks and bonds. Because of its sophisticated CopyTrader function, which makes it simple to copy the actions of experienced traders, eToro is user-friendly for beginners.


By just submitting basic personal information, you may quickly establish an account with this exchange. Then, you may quickly deposit money using a Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card or an electronic wallet like Paypal. Although it’s time-consuming than the previous method, you can also transfer money from your bank account.


Trading starts at $10 on each of the eToro-supported cryptocurrency marketplaces. This is ideal for novice investors or even those on a tight budget. At this exchange, fees are also quite affordable. For instance, across all supported marketplaces, depositing money using AED will only cost you 0.5 percent. Just one percent more than the market spread is charged for trading fees.

2. Crypto.com

rypto.com offers a broad spectrum of services for its investors, such as cryptocurrency debit cards, loans, the NFT market, and reward accounts. It contains the most cutting-edge security tools available, which will enable you to acquire currencies over an extended period of time. Additionally, if you place your assets in your saving account, you may earn interest on your tokens. Crypto.com is the best option if you’re searching for a platform that enables you to make purchases using a debit or credit card.


You must first download the Crypto.com app and create an account. Your preferred crypto assets will then be placed to your account after you submit a 2.99% debit/credit card fees, making it an economical platform to purchase Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies in the United Arab Emirates. A typical bank wire can also be used to deposit money.

3. Coinmama 

A basic cryptocurrency exchange where credit cards are accepted is located at Coinmama. More than 3 million users have utilised the platform since 2015. Coinmama now only allows you to access Bitcoin and Ethereum after decreasing the number of assets in its asset library.


\You must create a Coinmama account and provide identification in order to purchase your preferred token. The final step is to input your credit card information and confirm the transaction. It’s odd that Coinmama doesn’t provide a wallet. You actually need to submit your private wallet address before you can buy cryptocurrency.


We should be aware that Coinmama might be the most costly cryptocurrency exchange on the market in terms of fees. No matter the payment option you use, you will first pay a margin of 2% over the market rate.


This also applies to the platform’s 3.90 percent purchase commission and 0.90 percent sale commission. Additionally, a 5% credit card fee will be added to your bill. This comes on top of whatever fees your credit card company may impose. You can think about using SWIFT to transfer money to cut down on fees. Coinmama doesn’t charge any fees for transactions over $1,000.


4. Binance

The largest Bitcoin exchange in the United Arab Emirates, Binance, is renowned for its cheap commission fees. On this site, traders have access to more than 600 cryptocurrencies. Advanced traders were considered when Binance was developed. They provide cold storage, which they represent as being hard to steal. They retain a sizable percentage of their money here. On this site, a number of charting tools and technical indicators are also available.


For cheap commissions, Binance is arguably the biggest Cryptocurrency exchange in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. Spreads are quite competitive, and the site only costs 0.10 percent each slide for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Your commission will be decreased if you trade more frequently each month. When you own BNB tokens, the same applies.


In terms of both registered users and trade volume, Binance is the biggest trading platform. This exchange frequently handles over $10 billion in daily activity, therefore it is only logical that liquidity levels be high. You may use a debit or credit card to deposit cryptocurrency into your Binance account for free.

5. Kraken

Kraken provides both a simple user interface and a sophisticated platform with a number of functions and functionalities for more seasoned traders. Kraken was established in 2011 and provides over 65 currencies. Additionally, Kraken users have access to a number of internal security features. The finest cryptocurrency exchange in the UAE is Kraken if you want to trade digital currencies with leverage.


First and foremost, you have a leverage of 1:5 to purchase a variety of crypto assets here. The value of your investment will eventually increase 5 times. With far larger amounts of leverage available, you can even trade cryptocurrency derivatives here via futures on margin.


\Keep in mind that financing costs apply for as long as you have a leveraged position open.

Kraken, on the other hand, allows you to utilise fiat currency to invest in cryptocurrencies in the UAE. You may purchase cryptocurrency after making a bank wire payment into your account for only 0.26 percent per slide. Kraken provides cheaper costs when you trade larger quantities over the course of the month, just as Crypto.com and Binance.

Are Crypto Exchanges Lawful in the UAE?

In short, the answer is yes, crypto exchanges are allowed in the UAE.  There are several alternatives available to UAE citizens in this regard.

Importantly, it seems that government officials are looking into ways to make the UAE the centre of the world for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Simply make sure you are utilising a regulated exchange.


Whenever you decide to trade your crypto assets, do a thorough research about the cryptocurrency you’re interested in, check its value and price prediction using a trading bot like the crypto genius and choose the exchange that most suits your needs. 


Overall, we discovered that eToro is the obvious victor in this sector thanks to its minimal costs and unwavering dedication to regulation. We also appreciate that eToro only costs 0.5 percent for debit/credit card deposits and that you may open an account with $50 or less. eToro offers expertly handled crypto portfolios for those just getting started with cryptocurrencies.

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