What is Status (SNT), how and where to buy it?


Decentralized applications, namely DApps, are becoming more popular with each passing day, and decentralized application projects have started to become very popular. The status project and its SNT Token have also managed to become one of the most popular projects in recent times, due to their focus on decentralized applications.

In this article, we will try to convey all the details about Status (SNT) with answers to the question what is Status and what is SNT Token, how to get it, where to buy it.

What is Status?

Status is a decentralized messaging app that is powered by a blockchain infrastructure.

The status app, which is an app using open source code where users can send messages to each other, can be easily used by downloading and installing it on smartphones or computers.

The project runs on the ethereum blockchain and can be integrated into other decentralized applications running there as well. In addition, it is possible to access decentralized applications with cryptocurrency wallets belonging to Status.

In addition to interacting with applications, encrypted messages can be sent to the other party using stateful peer-to-peer methods. Any files and messages sent between peers cannot be seen by third parties, so users can safely send encrypted messages to whomever they want.

How to use the project application?

Status provides application services for both desktop operating systems and mobile operating systems.

Also, the Status app is quite easy to use. It offers Play Store, Google Play, Android APK and F-Droid support for phones. You can download Status to your phone with one of these apps. condition; It is also compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac computer operating systems. All you have to do is download the Status app, sign up and start using the app.

you can click here to download the Status app to your computer or smartphone. It is possible to download the application immediately by selecting the operating system of your computer or smartphone on the page that opens.

What is SNT token?

SNT Token is the native token unit of Status created with the ERC-20 smart contract located on the Ethereum network.

SNT Token, which does not have a maximum supply and is better known as SNT Coin, is used as a means of payment in the State application. Users receiving SNT contribute to the development of the network.

With a total supply of 6,804,870,174 SNT tokens, the circulating supply is 3,470,483,788, which is almost half the amount.

How and where to buy SNT tokens?

FAQ on how to buy SNT Coin and where to buy SNT Coin, SNT Token it is among the easiest cryptocurrencies to buy because it is listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges.

You can follow the steps below to buy SNT tokens through Gate.io, one of the central exchanges where you can buy SNT tokens:

Login to your Gate.io Exchange account. If you don’t have an account at Gate.io Exchange, Click here to create one.Transfer the amount of SNT Token you want to buy after logging into your account. You can use the cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) due to its affordable transfer fees. After your transfer reaches your account gate.iogo to the page markets and type SNT in the search section and select parity SNT/USDT.On the page that opens, determine the amount you want to buy and click the button Buy SNT to complete the purchase.

Frequently asked questions about the project

In this area, we will try to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about Status and the SNT token. This area will be updated periodically based on your requests and questions.

What is SNT token?

The term SNT Coin is a user generated term for Status (SNT), but it is incorrect. Because SNT is a token unit, not a coin. Therefore, its correct use must be SNT Token.

What is Status Coin?

The term Status Coin is also a misnomer that was formed based on the reason for the appearance of the term SNT Coin. The correct usage should be in the form of a state token.

Does the SNT token have its own blockchain?

SNT is found on the Ethereum blockchain. It is produced in ERC-20 format, which is the type of smart contract on the Ethereum network.

Is Status (SNT) a project for the future?

Judging by the potential of Status and the advantages of using the app, it is not unlikely that it will increase in popularity in the future.

Who is the Founder of the project?

The Status network as a whole was founded and announced in 2017 by Carl Bennetts and Jarrad Hope, who previously ran a software distribution company.

On which exchange(s) is the SNT token available?

SNT Token It is already listed on many crypto exchanges, including Binance, but Gate.io Exchange it is the best option to buy USDT and take advantage of the volume of the exchange.

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