What is happening with My Daily COP and its “stable coin” DLY?


My Daily COP is a platform that has a “token” that promises to be a P2P payment solution with a value anchored to the Colombian peso. Today we will talk about what is happening with Daily COP and we will be shedding light on recent events, as quite a few victims have contacted our website to report irregularities in the project.

Due to the lack of information on the internet about how Mi Daily works, many people continue to invest in the hope of obtaining a “safe return” without doing anything more than depositing their money on the platform. But not everithing that shines is gold.

Stay until the end, this is just beginning!

What is My Daily COP?

Born in September of the year 2021 as a token pegged to the value of the Colombian peso designed to facilitate P2P transactions using the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. Among the advantages that this platform apparently provides are those of being stable, decentralized and anonymous.

But the reality is totally different!

the token in the last 3 months it has lost 98% of its value, being increasingly far from its parity with the Colombian peso as indicated by the project. Below is the Daily COP chart on Coinmarketcap.

How does the Daily COP scheme work?

The Mi Daily scheme used the POS (Proof Of Stake) or (Proof of Participation) mechanism that guarantees a distributed consensus among all the members of a network and offers established rewards based on the percentage of participation that each user presents.

This percentage of participation comes from the amount of money that each person has invested and that in this case he could receive 0.5% of what was invested daily. That is to say that when investing your money you had to freeze your assets for established periods of time and thus receive a safe reward.

The platform promised a return of 0.5% daily, 10% monthly and a return of 120% per year, that is to say that in only 10 months you could recover what was invested. That is to say that for every 1000 pesos you could obtain 5 pesos a day in profits; With this in mind, many people managed to take advantage of the scheme, since it was possible to maintain it with the money of new investors.

Until everything fell apart!

In January 2022 the project decided to lower the percentage of rewards for new users to 0.2% dailythis was not well received by people and each time the project lost more strength since these schemes can only work when many people constantly enter.

after that moment problems began to appear to withdraw the money of the platform, typical of this type of scheme that collapses one day and then seeks to gain time to accumulate more money with new investors who still believe in the project. After a few weeks of presenting their first failures, they decided to block withdrawals indefinitely. with the excuse of system updates.

Once withdrawals were blocked no one could withdraw what was invested, much less the profits generatedto this day withdrawals are still blocked and people with each passing day lose more and more hope of recovering their money since everyone the people in charge of the project have disappeared and are not responding to any of the social media channels.

Tbille Card: The last lost hope of users

As if that were not enough, as a last option once the withdrawals had been blocked, they created a new modality in which all users would be able to monetize up to 500,000 thousand pesos a day. by using a card called Tbille.

In principle, said card was going to be digital with a cost of about $33 US dollars, then they said that the technology was not enabled for Colombia and they had to pay for the physical card that cost $33 more to force people to deposit $66 on the platform.

To date, Tbille does not respond on any of its channels, they do not answer the support number and comments on social networks are blocked.

In summary

We can be sure that we are facing a Ponzi Scheme, although it is not impossible to recover the funds of the affected people, there is a gap between what the competent authorities should do and what they will do in the end. It’s a shame to see these types of projects that only hurt the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin industry.

That is why we recommend carrying out an exhaustive investigation before investing in a project due to the greater profitability that it promises.

Here are some testimonials from people who lost their money with My Daily COP and contacted Criptoinforma to give their testimony

first testimonial:

“When I entered the supposed “crypto project” they sold it to me as a stablecoin anchored to the Colombian peso and that was the case for a while until everything deteriorated and in the end it turned out to be no crypto, but a ponzi scheme that feeds with the money of new users. In the end I lost 12,000,000 million pesos”.

anonymous user

second testimony:

“I invested a large amount in daily in February since I have been a daily user since October of last year, I only had 20 million and everything was going well. In February I injected 90 million daily (my life savings) because the project was “reliable” and had proven it, since February they started with the issue of updates and that’s where the problem began, the deception began, I no longer know could monetize, and the problems began.

Since February I can do absolutely nothing with that money, today those 115,000,000 million pesos invested are worth 300 dollars, imagine, the devaluation of the currency is incredible. I feel overwhelmed, I have even thought of committing suicide because I have many debts and because I am in need of my money. And if something happens to me one day I blame the people of Daily squarely since the mental, psychological and other disorders are their fault.

anonymous user


This article has been written by the hand of a large number of affected people and thanks to the support of both information channels and groups disseminating scams in the world of cryptocurrencies. From Criptoinforma we call on all the competent authorities in Colombia to investigate what happened and we alert people not to fall into these mechanisms that are so recurrent today.

For more information visit the following Telegram channel in which all kinds of data and evidence about this scheme are shown.

Channel Exposing Daily: https://t.me/exposingdaily

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