What happened to OmegaPro and its name change to Go Global? One more scam?


OmegaPro has recently changed its name to go globely has aroused concern and mistrust among investors. In this article we deepen the details behind the name change and the recommendations in relation to this new company. Is it another scam? Know all the details!

What was OmegaPro?

It is an unregulated multilevel investment company with high financial risk. OmegaPro’s main acquisition strategy consisted of offering investment packages starting at $100 and offering a return of up to 200% within a period of 6 months.supposedly obtained through trade transactions in different markets, that is, as a result of the profits generated from trading in financial markets.

But is this really so?

According to various sources informed in the case of OmegraPro, the company has recently changed the terms and obligations for the minimum investment times, now it has gone from six months as a minimum term to 24 months before an investor can withdraw their capital invested with their returns. And this means?

Many sources make it clear that this is just a typical exit strategy for corporate leaders of OmegaPro who have already frozen withdrawals on the platform for 2 months.

Go Global, the new face of OmegaPro.

After what happened with OmegaPro, a new platform called GoGlobal has emerged that presents itself as an online educational platform that provides training in the development of trading skills, promises to be a guide to access investment tools and aims to “develop future leaders”. But all this is just a camouflage.

What does GoGlobal offer?

Among the services it offers we can find five educational packages ranging from $100 to $5,000 USD. Each package includes a certain number of credits that can be used to purchase courses, seminars, and upgrades.

The value of each pack is solely indicative of its content, and purchasing more packs increases the number of credits and therefore the chance to climb the GO Global ranking and win prizes. In addition to the purchase of each package, $99 USD must be paid for the software.

This new venture, with its promises of education and earnings, seems to have the characteristics of a network or pyramid marketing scheme. In addition, the lack of concrete and verifiable information about the content and educational materials offered, as well as the reliance on recruiting referrals to make a profit, raises doubts about the legality and reliability of this platform.

To end.

It is important that before investing in any offer, its nature and objectives are investigated and known with certainty.. Education and skill development are important values, but we must not fall for misleading promises of quick and easy earnings. It is better to invest in reliable and regulated options that offer true value and security to our investments.

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