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This is how they show the way for fossil-free transport from door to door

Published: April 26, 2022, 2:11 p.m.The road to fossil-free transport may seem crooked, but with partnerships, the expansion has been rapid. Today, there is an infrastructure of filling stations for liquid biogas across virtually the entire country, and now Sweden’s largest order for biogas trucks has also been signed. This means that fossil-free transport from door to door is finally possible.Read more about how you can reduce your environmental impact with gas-powered trucksBy 2030, carbon dioxide emissions from domestic transport in the country will be reduced by 70 percent compared with the 2010 level. In order to achieve the common emission targets and combat climate change in transport, Sweden should switch to fuels that produce less emissions as soon as possible. – But as soon as possible is not enough for us. Our goal is to be completely fossil-free by 2025. Therefore, we are expanding our fossil-free vehicle fleet with 120 Volvo trucks running on liquefied biogas, a deal we have made with Finnvedens Lastvagnar AB. Just over 90 of these will already be delivered in 2022, says Mikael Ingesson, CEO of Sandahls Logistik (Sandahls Goods & Parcel until 1 May 2022).Mikael Ingesson, CEO of Sandahls Logistik.Mikael Ingesson, CEO of Sandahls Logistik.

High ambitions

Sandahls Logistik is an independent player in logistics that offers road and intermodal domestic transport. The company also operates five combined terminals where goods are reloaded from road to rail, to trains powered by green electricity. – Liquid biogas is a very good fossil-free alternative for long and heavy transports and we already have 30 biogas trucks. We have very good experiences of collaborating with Volvo Trucks and the dealer Finnvedens Trucks, which has 20 service facilities in Sweden. The new large order for 120 Volvo trucks means that a total of 150 of our approximately 350 trucks will soon be biogas trucks. It is an offensive investment and a good step on our way to fossil freedom. Sandahls has long had high ambitions in terms of sustainable transport, but the alternatives have previously been few in terms of heavy transport. – It is only now that Gasum has built more filling stations that we can invest seriously. We have a cooperation agreement with them which means that we have been able to influence where the filling stations are to be built, which benefits us all, says Mikael Ingesson.

Large reduction in carbon dioxide emissions

By replacing a diesel-powered truck with a biogas truck, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by almost 90 percent. For Sandahl, this means that the new trucks will provide a total emission reduction of 174,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents during the period 2022 to 2033, ie during the trucks’ estimated lifespan.Sharareh Edström, Sweden Director of Road Transport at the energy company GasumSharareh Edström, Sweden Director of Road Transport at the energy company Gasum – Liquid biogas is the only green viable alternative for longer road transport and the most circular product we have available today and in the future. It used to be said that the technology exists, but not the refueling infrastructure. It is no longer possible to rely on old truths as we have built up the backbone of the country, says Sharareh Edström, Sweden director of road transport at the energy company Gasum, which produces liquid biogas in Sweden and also owns the entire value chain to distribute it out into the country. – What is required now are similar initiatives, such as the one with Gasum, Sandahls, Finnvedens Lastvagnar and Volvo Lastvagnar, where more players dare to identify where in their value chain they can reduce most CO2 emissions. The benefits of partnerships are many, including the best way to speed up the transition to fossil-free road transport.Read more about the logistics and contracting company Sandahls here

Sandahls Logistik AB

• An independent player in logistics that offers road and intermodal domestic transport. The company also operates five combined terminals where goods are reloaded from road to rail and vice versa. • 520 employees in 11 locations. • Sales 2021: SEK 1 billion, forecast for 2022: SEK 1.2 billion. • The Sandahl Group has a total of 420 heavy vehicles. Sandahls Logistik has 320 vehicles in the fleet, of which 150 will run on liquefied biogas. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Sandahls and not an article by Dagens industri

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