Warner Bros Unveils Blockchain-Based Trivia Game During “Inside the NBA” on TNT


Warner Bros and TNT have joined forces to present a new blockchain-based trivia game that will air on one of the most popular shows on the American television network.

“B/R W2E”, an online game powered by ImmutableX, will be announced in a weekly ‘Inside the NBA’ feature, giving viewers the opportunity to collect digital tokens and redeem free souvenirs and collectibles.

Game development and benefits of participating.

The “B/R W2E” trivia game allows fans to participate by scanning a QR code on their screen to launch the game on their phone. ImmutableX’s blockchain technology ensures that digital tokens are secure and non-editable.

In addition to the fun and excitement of participating in a trivia game, fans can also expand their love for the show and the NBA by earning digital collectible NFTs. This new way of getting involved with your favorite show can attract a larger audience and raise more awareness of blockchain technology.

To end.

Warner Bros and TNT have shown their commitment to innovation by introducing a blockchain-based trivia game during one of their most popular shows. This new game gives viewers the opportunity to actively participate in their favorite show, expand their hobby, and learn about blockchain technology.

This move may mark an important milestone in the incorporation of emerging technologies in the television industry.

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