Wall Street in the red for the fourth day in a row

Charlie Taylor

Published: 22 February 2022, 09: 00Updated: 23 February 2022, 10:29Top: Pedro Durgaram, who runs Dialect Helsingborg, and Per Ötken, CEO and owner of Dialect Falun & Västerås. Digitization is here to stay and there are few who oppose it. What then does this “revolution” mean for all the products we use daily? The number of connected devices has increased and in 2020 they were over 30 billion. At the same time, research shows that we are becoming increasingly frustrated with technology. In order to develop the full potential of the new digital solutions, we need to start with the users – not the technology. This is where Dialect comes in and makes a difference – We make it easy to work smart. – We meet many companies that have barely begun their digitalisation journey. If they do not start that journey now, the company will probably not remain in a few years, this applies to both service and product suppliers. Customers, partners and employees today demand a higher degree of digitization. Switching analog systems to digital, or integrating existing separate IT solutions is not only a necessity but it also comes with many benefits, says Per Ötken, CEO and owner of Dialect Falun & Västerås. Digitizing and automating processes minimizes the risk of making mistakes and reduces duplication of work, while ensuring access to data in the company that allows you to make better informed decisions, says Per Ötken. – The goal of digitization is to make work easier for employees and remove repetitive work steps so that employees can place a greater focus on the company’s core business. Many companies invest in new technology, but often misjudge employees’ knowledge of the new systems, which means that they do not make full use of the new technology. – It is a challenge for many companies to make these changes and it is important to choose a long-term partner who can guide the company through the digitization process, thinks Per Ötken. Dialect helps small and medium-sized companies by being at the forefront of IT, telephony and vehicle solutions and by being proactive and participating in customers’ growth journey. – We want to be their impartial IT department and ensure that they get the systems that fit best, explains Per Ötken. As an example, Dialect Falun has, among other things, collaborated with the county council on ambulance care in Falun for almost 15 years and been responsible for digital solutions in the ambulances. An important reason for Dialect’s success is the employees’ broad knowledge of systems and the development that takes place in the area, as well as their great focus on ensuring that customers have direct access to knowledgeable support when questions or problems arise. – Our support means that our customers’ employees really learn to use the systems in the best way. We have a back-up solution, where we take total responsibility, with a uniquely fast feedback. We have built up Sweden’s best support, we answer within 10 seconds on average and solve 8 out of 10 cases at the first call, says Pedro Durgaram who runs Dialect Helsingborg.About DialectWe are a local and national partner for IT and telephony solutions that help small and medium-sized companies to find smart solutions. We translate IT into business value that allows our customers to focus on what they are best at. Dialect has about 250 employees who are at about 30 Dialect business centers around the country that are available to help you. Our vision is to be Sweden’s leading partner in smart digitized solutions. Read more about Dialect

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