Victim of crime?

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Think about this!
When that happens that is not really allowed to happen, when you are the victim of a crime, then there are some things you can do to make it easier to get a perpetrator convicted.
Sign up unless the police become aware of what has happened, they can not investigate whether a crime has been committed, so it is very important that you report every time you are the victim of a crime.
Write down what happened, save chats on your mobile, email, screenshots and more. Also make sure to take pictures of things that have broken and of course of possible. bruises or other injuries and on broken things. Keep in mind that those who are going to look at your photos do not always have a good background to what happened, so make it easy for them to understand. If it is a bruise that is to be documented, start by taking a photo in full figure, then on e.g. the arm that has the bruise on it and finally you take a close-up of the bruise. If you have been injured, you should contact the emergency department or health center and make sure that they help you document any. damages, such documentation has a strong evidential value in an upcoming trial. Your own notes, especially if they were made in diary form and filled in gradually, can have a great evidential value, as well as if you entrust yourself to your best friend in connection with the event.
Write down your own story of what happened with all the details, which you later do not want to report (or want to withdraw the report) You can throw the story, but it is not possible to recreate the story after 6 months. If you are afraid that the suspect may see what you are writing, ask your friend to keep it, keep it at work or put it in a cloud account that the suspect does not know you have.
If you have been the victim of a sexual offense, refrain from showering before you have seen a doctor!

If there is a "word for word" situation, no one will be convicted. Therefore, witness information is needed, so take the names and contact details of everyone who has been in the vicinity, even if they do not directly think that they have seen anything important. Maybe they can exclude a person as the perpetrator? It can be at least as important as pointing someone out, especially if the suspects are blaming each other. They can also help to map the course of events, which can also be very important.

Save receipts m.m.
If someone is convicted of the crime, you are probably entitled to compensation for the violation caused by the crime, burning and pain (if it is a violent crime), loss of income if you have been on sick leave and compensation for e.g. broken clothes and medical expenses, but it is you who must show how big your injury has been and if you are careful to save on receipts for your expenses, you avoid a discussion about the size of what you should be compensated for.

Dare to get help
There are crime victim supporters, women's shelters, men's shelters and curators, etc. who are trained to help and support in the crisis situation that arises when you are exposed to a crime. Alone is not strong but accept the help that is available!

Take care of yourself.
If it is the case that you are being persecuted, dare to take the help of a women's shelter or similar to put yourself and your children safe. You have no obligation to stay with the one who hurts you.

Tell the police that you want a plaintiff's counsel.
As a victim of crime, you often have the right to a lawyer who helps and, among other things. supports during police interrogations and assists before and during the trial. The plaintiff's counsel knows what requirements there are for someone to be convicted of a crime and can inform you about these requirements so that you can go through the course of events together and see if the requirements are met. If all the requirements for assault are not met, perhaps the requirements for harassment or causing bodily harm are met? If the police do not take in the evidence you think is important, your plaintiff's counsel can in some cases bring the evidence into the case and this can be of great importance when the debt issue is to be decided.
It is a great security to have someone who helps and supports and who explains the tricky law and keep in mind that as a general rule it is the state that pays for the plaintiff's counsel. You not only have the right to say that you want a plaintiff's counsel. You can also wish who you want so that you get a person you have great confidence in, this is important! As a crime victim, you have the right to support and it is important that you receive good support.

Of course, we hope that the hard work does not happen, but if there is a lot to do to increase the chances that the person who hurt you will be judged!

// Lawyer Eva Johansson

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