ViaBTC Introduces “Zero Fee Month”: KAS Mine to Earn an Additional 4% Income


After the Ethereum PoW mining merge and shutdown, many GPU miners had to search for the next promising cryptocurrency, that’s when Kaspa caught the attention of these miners. In Q1 2023, Kaspa quickly gained traction due to a surge in its token price, launching Rust Alpha on April 16. Kaspa mining is based on the kHeavyHash algorithm, which has ASIC-resistant properties that make GPU mining easy. In addition, Kaspa uses the PHANTOM protocol, based on the Nakamoto Consensus, to optimize its security and speed, making it an attractive option for many miners.

What is Kaspa?

Kaspa is an open source, decentralized and scalable Layer1 project, based on Proof of Work (PoW) and the world’s first BlockDAG. Its BlockDAG structure, which enables fast block generation, further decentralizes Kaspa mining, while ensuring effective solo mining with low hashrates. These innovative technologies, coupled with the unique scalability of the project and the completion of the Rust rewrite in April, help Kaspa process blocks and transactions faster and more efficiently.

Since the start of 2023, Kaspa’s hashrate has tripled. From March 2023 to now, the figure has skyrocketed from 400TH/s to over 1,000TH/s. According to May data, the KAS hashrate stands at 1,105.4TH/s, with a block reward of 233.08 KAS. It is fair to say that KAS is the #1 cryptocurrency for GPU mining in terms of hashrate, far surpassing GPU mining projects like ETC.


Mine KAS through ViaBTC Pool and enjoy zero fees

With its users as the top priority, ViaBTC is a top-tier cryptocurrency mining pool that offers comprehensive services to users around the world. In its early days, ViaBTC quickly emerged as one of the top five pools globally in terms of BTC hashrate, attracting many miners from all over the world. Currently, the pool still holds 8.4% of the global BTC hashrate, ranking among the top five BTC pools.

As an all-inclusive pool, ViaBTC offers distinctive features:

● Smart Mining: ViaBTC introduced the smart mining model to help users mine multiple cryptocurrencies more effectively. Specifically, the feature allows users to generate higher profits compared to mining a single coin by automatically directing hashing power to the most profitable coin among cryptocurrencies using the same algorithm.

● Revenue Sharing – This feature mainly applies to mining associated with multiple participants and mining farm settlements. By setting the share ratio of the relevant accounts, the system automatically allocates the daily mining revenue based on the default distribution settings.

With a top-notch technical team and constant improvement of its products, ViaBTC has steadily advanced in the crypto space, despite its ups and downs, providing secure, stable and efficient comprehensive mining services to more than a million users in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.

ViaBTC recently launched KAS mining and introduced “Enjoy ZERO Fees for 1 Month” an amazing incentive program as a token of gratitude for miners’ continued support and concern. By sharing the profits as compensation to its users, ViaBTC allows miners to maximize their income.

Enjoy ZERO fees for 1 month

Duration: May 31 – June 30, 2023 (UTC) Rules: During the program, all users who participate in KAS mining on ViaBTC will be able to enjoy ZERO fees. After the event is over, the usual fees will be charged.

For example, according to Kaspa Explorer data from May 8, the KAS hashrate was 1129TH/s, with a total daily mining output of approximately 20,138,112 KAS. Assuming that a miner mines KAS with the PPS+ payment method with a fee of 4% and a hashrate of 0.01TH/s, before the event, the user would be earning approximately 171.24 KAS (0.01/1129 * 20 138 112 * (1-4%)), and the monthly income would be around 5,137.2 KAS (30 * 171.24).

During the zero fee program:

The daily income from KAS mining alone would be around 178.37 KAS (0.01/1129 * 20 138 112), and the total monthly income would reach 5,351.1 KAS (30 * 178.37), which would allow the miner to obtain an additional income of approximately 213.9 KAS.

The zero fee program will last for a full month, and miners can join ViaBTC and start mining KAS now via the following link:

Advantages of mining KAS in ViaBTC:

1) Income is settled every 10 minutes

● In the KAS mining pool, income is settled and distributed to accounts every 10 minutes.

● Users can check income details and withdraw mining income at any time.

2) Multiple asset management methods are supported.

● Internal transfers in ViaBTC Pool have 0 fees.

● Withdrawal to CoinEx exchange has 0 fees and is processed immediately.

● Users can withdraw cryptocurrency (at least 10 KAS) to a wallet address manually, with fees consistent with the fee charged by the KAS network (ie 0.0001 KAS).

● Crypto can be automatically withdrawn with 0 fees to a CoinEx account or wallet address (

KAS Mining Guide

The KAS mining algorithm is kHeavyHash, which supports GPU mining (KAS only mining) or combined mining (ETC and KAS mining).

1. Mining machines and environment:

Mining Machines: Mining GPU (AMD/NVIDA) and Main GPU (3 GB or higher, 6 GB or higher for Duo Mining)

Applicable ASIC miners for KAS mining:

Antminer (KS3)

Glacier Miner (KS1 and KS2)

Operating system: Windows, Linux.

Mining software: GMiner, lolMiner, BzMiner, etc.

2. Create an account at ViaBTC:

Visit the ViaBTC website ( and create an account with your email.

3. Select KAS mining in ViaBTC Pool

For more detailed instructions, see the official mining tutorial:

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