ViaBTC Annual Review 2022: Highlights and Achievements


In 2021, affected by the regulations on cryptocurrency mining in some countries, the mining pool industry underwent great transformations. In particular, ViaBTC, once the largest BTC pool in terms of hashrate, stood out and drew wide market attention. Going into 2022, ViaBTC continued to grow despite bearish market conditions.

We continue to pursue the latest technical innovations and update our products and services to provide users with more versatile mining tools, more stable and efficient services, and a more satisfying product experience.

Today, let’s review the great moments of ViaBTC and see how the pool has evolved during 2022.

Improvements in the rewards for referrals in ViaBTC.

Always looking to provide the best user experience, ViaBTC has updated its referral rewards program at the beginning of 2022. With this improvement, we seek to provide our loyal users with maximum benefits and attract more new users to the pool.

Specifically, we have introduced exclusive privileges for “ViaBTC Ambassadors”. Once you become an ambassador, you can refer friends to ViaBTC Pool through your unique referral link or code to enjoy a 20% referral fee. Also, while regular users can only earn 10% referral rewards for a limited period of 12 months, ViaBTC Ambassadors receive permanent rewards for as long as they remain an Ambassador.

This change has been very well received by our users, who are taking full advantage of the new opportunities to earn additional rewards. If you are interested in mining cryptocurrencies, do not hesitate to join ViaBTC and take advantage of these exclusive rewards to refer your friends and family.

For more information on referral rewards, visit:

ViaBTC Pool’s LTC hashrate has ranked first for 12 consecutive months.

Six years have passed since ViaBTC first launched the LTC mining service in January 2017. Through six years of ups and downs, we have pursued growth and our LTC mining service has gained increasing recognition from users. Over the past 12 months, ViaBTC Pool has remained the largest mining pool by LTC hashrate.

According to ViaWallet statistics, the LTC supply is expected to halve on August 3, 2023. At that time, the block reward will decrease to 6.25 LTC. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the LTC price will probably increase in 2023. Right now, the LTC price sits at $73.1, which is a low point in the last year. For miners, now is a good time to plan and invest in LTC mining.

ViaBTC Pool features LTC pooled mining. More specifically, you can mine LTC to get free DOGE, which is credited according to the PPLNS. For more information, please visit:

ViaBTC celebrated its 6th anniversary in June 2022.

For ViaBTC, June is a special month. In June 2022, we celebrate our sixth birthday. To give back to our users and share our progress, we invited global users to our 6th anniversary celebration and introduced a series of giveaway events, including “BTC Prices You Don’t Know”, “Share Your Moments with ViaBTC to Win amazing rewards” and “Collect cards to share $50,000 in bonuses”.

We also collaborated with R-Cluster and offered great discounts on their mining management system and overload firmware.

Security protection for updated user accounts.

In the year 2022, the blockchain industry suffered as many as 303 security incidents, including cases where simple login verifications were exploited by hackers. Last year, ViaBTC implemented a comprehensive security upgrade plan for user accounts and fully optimized security measures related to security information reset, security information modification, login password rules, and security data. verification codes.

In addition, we also improved our risk control measures. To be more specific, within 48 hours after password reset, Withdrawal, Revenue Sharing and Auto Withdrawal address modification will not be available. Also, if you forget your account security information, you can also reset the information by answering a few basic questions. ViaBTC aims to provide users with one-stop, secure and stable mining services.

With more than 1.1 million users served worldwide.

As a comprehensive mining pool serving a global user base, ViaBTC has remained committed to security, transparency, fairness, and freedom. Through six years of growth, we have launched over a dozen mining services, covering cryptos such as BTC, LTC, and ETC. Previously only available in one language, our products now support five languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish. To date, ViaBTC Pool has provided secure and stable one-stop mining services for more than 1.1 million users in more than 130 countries and regions.

Today, as the global demand for cryptocurrency grows, an increasing number of investors have turned to cryptocurrency mining. For mining pools, this presents both challenges and opportunities. At ViaBTC, we always believe that in addition to providing a wide range of cryptocurrencies for mining, an exceptional pool should also be able to offer stable returns and first-class, beginner-friendly products and services.

Over the years, ViaBTC has made solid efforts to achieve that goal. Despite setbacks in 2022, we intend to grow and evolve alongside our users in the new year.

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