ViaBTC|Must-Have Tips for Cryptocurrency Miners: Five Key Factors to Improve the Mining Experience


Recently, the cryptocurrency market has been slack. In light of uncertain investment trends in the market, a growing number of investors have shifted their focus to crypto’s upstream: mining. Compared to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, mining has emerged as a safer investment option, especially in times of crisis.

Despite its tempting benefits, mining is not an easy task. As a cryptocurrency miner, you may face many challenges. For example, miners struggle with how to choose a mining pool, optimize the performance of the mining machine, and fix machine crashes.

Today we will go over the five key points of cryptocurrency mining and help you optimize your mining experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced miner, these tips will provide you with useful information.

01 Choose the right pool

Choosing the right mining pool is a crucial decision in the mining process, as a good pool offers higher profits. Many experienced miners have noticed that mining income from different pools can vary significantly even when using mining machines with the same hashrate.

Although miners may think that the difference is due to different fees charged by mining pools, the impact of fees is minimal when compared to the technical strength of the pools. In the intense mining rush, you may miss a block reward for a slight delay.

Therefore, for miners, the ideal pool should have strong technical capabilities, a high hashrate ratio, and reasonable fees. At the same time, the number of mining nodes that the pool owns also affects the stability of the mining process. In this sense, pools with a global distribution of independent nodes are good options because they can maximize connection speed and minimize latency.

02 The right entry point

The cost of mining machines directly determines their payback period. The value of a mining machine is primarily subject to factors including hashrate performance, power consumption, and the market price of hashrates. According to HashrateIndex, the latest mining machine with the lowest power consumption currently costs $15 for 1 TH/s. Based on this figure, a Whatsminer M30S++ with a nominal hashrate of 100 TH/s is only worth about $1,500.

Source: HashrateIndex

That being said, in early 2022, the Whatsminer M30S++ was selling for $7,997, five times its current price. If you bought the model at $7,997, unfortunately, based on current mining revenue ($0.067 for 1 TH/s), it will take you six years to recoup that cost, indicating the importance of timing.

03 Use the right machine

Choosing the right mining machine is another key factor miners need to consider. Different machines have different levels of performance. For example, some are more stable, while others may experience frequent disconnections or reboots. When selecting a mining machine, miners should consider factors such as power capacity, electrical consumption, and cooling efficiency based on their individual needs.

04 Maintenance and care of mining machines

For miners, the maintenance and care of mining machines is also very important. During the mining process, mining machines can encounter all sorts of problems, including poor cooling conditions or fan malfunction.

Therefore, miners need to regularly check the working status of their machines for timely maintenance and overhaul. Also, brand and quality matter too, choosing high-quality mining machines from a trusted brand can help reduce the risk of breakdowns and maintenance costs.

05 Monitoring of market movements and the profitability of the mining machine

In the mining process, miners also need to follow market trends and monitor the price of BTC and the profitability of the machine. Based on those statistics, miners can make quick adjustments, such as switching to another mining pool or changing their machines to maximize returns.

About ViaBTC

ViaBTC, founded in May 2016, has provided professional, efficient, secure and stable cryptocurrency mining services to over one million users in more than 130 countries/regions around the world, with cumulative mining output value of tens of billions of dollars. As one of the best all-inclusive mining pools in the world, it provides mining services for dozens of major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETC, etc.

Backed by comprehensive all-inclusive services covering mining pool, exchange and wallet, ViaBTC is committed to providing users around the world with more support tools, more stable and efficient mining services, and a better product experience.

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