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Published: April 23, 2022, 11:40 Updated: May 3, 2022, 15:27Returpack has chosen the payment company Payers platform to bring the deposit system into a new and digital era. The new digital payment solution is now starting to be rolled out on Returpack's own large deposit machines, Pantamera Express, throughout the country. Since the 1980s, Swedes have made the pilgrimage to the country's deposit machines to hand in their cans and bottles. Returpack is the company that introduced the deposit system and the company now handles over 2 billion cans and bottles every year. Returpack chose 2019 Payer as a partner to digitize the deposit system's payment solution of deposit money and the company has now developed the technical platform that makes it possible to start tests and rollout across the country.

Payment to the bank account

88% of all bottles and cans sold in Sweden today are pledged and recycled through Returpack's pledge system. Returpack works to constantly develop the system to simplify and increase the availability of the pledge. Being able to pay out a mortgage in more ways than via the traditional mortgage receipt is one of the areas of renewal. The digital transfer directly to your own bank account provides a flexible solution and follows the digitalisation development in society. Returpack has implemented this solution in the own large ATMs, Pantamera Express. A test together with the grocery trade is planned and then a decision is made on further implementations. – The Pantamera Express machines are an important part of our development work around the deposit system of the future. Here we have had the opportunity to test a new digitized payment solution on a large scale and can now offer a secure, simple and flexible service for transferring deposit money directly into the bank account, says Carita Classon, product manager at Returpack / Pantamera.

Internet-of-things – communication between pawnbroker and mobile app

Payer was chosen to develop the engine, a digital payment solution directly to the consumer's bank account. The solution works in a combination between the pawnbroker, the cloud and a mobile app. The new Pantamera app is available for both iOS and Android. Already after two months, the app has been downloaded 20,000 times. Before the app can be used for the first time, the bank account is connected via Mobile Bank ID by the user. It is a process that takes less than 1 minute to complete. After the pawnbroker pours his cans and PET bottles into Pantamera Express, the pawnbroker scans a QR code with the mobile app to complete the transaction. These are located at major recycling centers throughout the country. In 2020, 90 million packages were ordered via Pantamera Express. During the pilot phase, more than 25% of users have chosen the digital solution. This is something that Returpack believes will increase rapidly the more Swedes who know the app. The digital solution is a complement to the paper receipt that will remain. – Payer has been very responsive to our wishes and we have always felt confident that they delivered a stable and secure solution for our digital breakthrough, says Henric Oscarsson, Development Manager at Returpack / Pantamera. – We at Payer are incredibly proud that we were given the confidence to develop the next generation payment solution in the Swedish deposit system. A system that all Swedes have a relationship with and contribute to. In addition to the fact that it is easy for the consumer to get the money directly into the account, when you make a deposit, says Peder Berge, CEO and founder of Payer.Click here to read more about the collaboration between Returpack and Payer

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