User goes viral on Reddit after finding lost wallet with 127 bitcoins

A multi-million dollar history of bitcoin lost and found was published and voted for the front page of the Bitcoin subreddit.
A new Reddit user who called his account “BitcoinHolderThankU” said he just found the private keys for a wallet with 127 bitcoins. The anonymous user claimed that the wallet had been lost and forgotten by himself about 9 years ago.
The user would have acquired the BTCs in 2011 or 2012 by completing surveys, watching videos and completing other tasks online in faucets.
BitcoinHolderThankU explained that he liked the game Dark Orbit and planned to exchange the cryptocurrency for a game currency called Uridium. But the player never ended up making that exchange.Coinext 760x150

Only yesterday (7), while visiting his grandfather's house, where he used to play Dark Orbit, did he remember his wallet.

“I used to play Dark Orbit mainly at my grandfather's house, and I was there for about a week during the holidays. While I was there, I was examining your old Dell computer, which I used to play on, and I came across a .txt folder named ‘Keys’. ”

The functional keys for all 127 BTC were in the file, according to the user, who promptly exchanged them for dollars at an average price of $ 34,000 per currency – for an incredible $ 4.3 million, equivalent to R $ 23.3 millions.

“It literally took me two hours to write this because I am constantly closing my eyes as I type. I created a Reddit account just to share this story with all of you. Thanks to all the Bitcoin believers who made this possible. ”

The post was eventually removed by subreddit moderators, while many comments were suspicious of the veracity of the story, which reached 973 upvotes and the first page of the forum.
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