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From vision to action – thermostable vaccines

Published: June 21, 2022, 11:18 Updated: July 7, 2022, 10:33New CEO of Ziccum: Ann GidnerZiccum AB’s LaminarPace technology aims to solve one of the global pharmaceutical industry’s most pressing challenges – to formulate thermostable vaccines that do not need cooling or freezing in the cold chain. The new CEO Ann Gidner explains how Ziccum begins a new phase of focused industrial development. On March 11, 2020, the pharmaceutical industry entered a new era, when the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. – New vaccines developed fantastically fast. That drive and willingness to invest continues, which means that we no longer need to sell the great benefits of thermostable vaccines. Now it’s time for implementation, in our work with pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs, says Ann Gidner.From vision to actionWith over 25 years of industry experience, Ann Gidner has during her first month as CEO put a sharper focus on Ziccum’s project and pipeline work. The company has concentrated its project portfolio on three high-quality ongoing pilot and evaluation studies; two with leading pharmaceutical companies and one with a large research institute in vaccination in the Nordic countries. Ziccum now also prioritises three important, high-potential vaccine platforms. These include mRNA, which is considered by many to represent a new era in vaccine technology. Explore Ziccum’s three key vaccine platforms. Strong focus on mRNAZiccum has also made major strategic investments in new facilities and equipment for mRNA / LNP materials (Lipid Nanoparticles). LaminarPace has already achieved positive results with previously dry formulations of LNP materials, which were the crucial means of delivery that enabled the two COVID-19 vaccines Pfizer-BioNTech- and Moderna. – Our work with LNP materials is exciting. At first, people were skeptical of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. However, the exceptional drive, research and investment in vaccines created entirely new opportunities. We have been encouraged by the results we have achieved so far, says Ann Gidner.Read about Ziccum’s focus on mRNA vaccines.Growing industrial capacityZiccum is continuously developing LaminarPace’s industrial capacity and striving for future GMP manufacturing status. The current system is the fourth generation, where nitrogen has replaced air to further reduce moisture content, a new sealed powder collector to increase safety and an advanced set of sensors to measure drying flow. – Other drying techniques use either extremely high (+80 ° C) or low temperatures (-80 ° C). This is harmful to temperature sensitive vaccines and biological products. LaminarPace is unique. It dries gently, at room temperature and with minimal spillage. I have taken several technologies and products to market and to license agreements. Therefore, I am convinced that LaminarPace has excellent potential, says Ann Gidner.Read more about LaminarPace’s technology development.About Ziccum
Ziccum develops new thermostable versions of vaccines and biological materials for licensing to vaccine suppliers, developers, manufacturers and CDMOs in the global pharmaceutical industry. Ziccum’s patented drying technology, LaminarPace, is unique. It can dry-formulate temperature-sensitive vaccine substances at room temperature with minimal spillage. These robust, thermostable dry powders can be stored and transported worldwide without the need for a cold chain. Read more about Ziccum here.The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Ziccum and not an article by Dagens industri

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