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Medical technology revolution saves lives

Published: June 21, 2022, 11: 01Updated: July 7, 2022, 10:33Thrombectomy can save the life of someone who has had a stroke. But it must go fast. – Clinical studies show that with rapid cooling, we can significantly increase the survival of stroke patients with good neurological function, says Martin Waleij, CEO of BrainCool. 15 million people suffer from stroke worldwide – every year. One third of these have permanent disabilities, caused by brain damage due to blocked blood flow and reduced oxygen supply. However, progress has been made in treating stroke patients. Thrombectomy is a medical-technological revolution where you go in with forceps and pull out the blood clot. If it is removed early and quickly enough, the closed part of the brain gets a chance to recover. This reduces both the disability and the risk of dying. – Thrombectomy grows avalanche-like and increases survival in a stroke. Out of 100 patients who are thrombectomized, 5 to 15 more survive than those who do not receive the treatment. 15 to 30 more people manage everyday life without assistance, says Martin Waleij. Even in cases where the blood clot has been removed by thrombectomy, permanent damage can occur when the blood flow returns to the brain – so-called reperfusion injuries. However, by cooling down the specific brain tissue before reflux, the risk of these injuries is reduced.Read more at: – With thrombectomy in combination with cooling, we take a big step forward to increase the survival of stroke patients and give more people the chance to live without care and assistance. In a first study in Freiburg, survival with good neurological function has more than doubled, these results can be replicated in the planned randomized study that starts this autumn, it would be revolutionary. One problem, however, is that thrombectomy is not performed everywhere in Sweden but only in seven hospitals. Time is thus a critical factor for the patient. – It is in this time window that BrainCool can revolutionize care. Studies show that you should cool as early as possible and with the product RhinoChill® we can give the patient early and fast cooling already in the ambulance and at the neuro cath lab where thrombectomy is performed, says Martin Waleij. In April 2020, BrainCool received a grant from the EU of EUR 3 million to develop the first cooling device to meet the cooling needs of stroke patients. The aim was to launch the world’s first TTM system, the Braincell product concept – early cooling in combination with thrombectomy. The study has been presented in Germany and the clinical efficacy targets show very good results.Read more at: – The difference is revolutionary, and provides a fantastic input for a pivotal study. I am glad that we reached the milestones during the first year of this EU-funded project, which in addition to bringing Braincell to market, also offers financing and operational support for our units on the market today, in other indications, says Martin Waleij. Treatment with thrombectomy is increasing rapidly in Germany, where the treatment is performed in about 210 hospitals. The forecasts point to more than 16,000 treated patients by 2022. In the US, the number of hospitals is over 900. The goal is for the number of treated patients to reach 1.7 million globally within a couple of years. – The interest in our clinical studies in combined TTM treatment and thrombectomy is large. Our presentation at the international congress 8th International Hypothermia and Temperature Management Symposium 2022 on 17 June, led by the University Hospital in Freiburg, naturally created further interest in our study. The next step is to find out if we should also include clinics from the Nordic countries and the USA in the study, concludes Martin Waleij. About Braincool
BrainCool is an innovative company that develops and markets medical technology products for rapid cooling and continuous temperature control or Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) for stroke, sudden cardiac arrest and for the painful side effect of cancer treatment, oral mucositis. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Braincool and not an article by Dagens industri

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