US Digital Currency Will Be a Financial “Big Brother”, Says Robert Kiyosaki


In his latest podcast, Robert Kiyosaki was joined by guest Jim Rickards, a former adviser to the Pentagon, White House, Congress, CIA and Department of Defense, as described in the video itself. On the occasion, they spoke about the arrival of the American CBDC.

For the author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the digital dollar will be like “Big Brother”. That is, the government will spy on all the financial transactions of its citizens, having even more control over them.

Although cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin they can be a solution for those who want to get away from them, Rickards says that not everyone knows how to use them correctly. As an example, he cited the storage of cryptocurrencies on exchanges and cited examples of how the government can easily confiscate them.

US CBDC Will Be a ‘Big Brother,’ Says Kiyosaki

Although the United States is synonymous with freedom, many are concerned about the arrival of the digital dollar in their country, two of them being Robert Kiyosaki and James Rickards. In the harshest comparisons, even China is cited as an example of what the United States can become.

“The point is that this is more than just digital currency, it is more than convenience and savings, which is how they sell it, it gives them full surveillance and control. It is the latest conception of total state surveillance,” says Jim Rickards.

Rickards then comments that freezing dollars linked to Russia, even for financial sanctions, is the same as failing to comply with another country. Going further, he claims that a CBDC will make these confiscations even easier.

After hearing Rickards’ statement on CBDCs, Robert Kiyosaki draws a comparison to the book 1984, written by George Orwell in the 1940s. After all, Big Brother (government) oversight of people’s lives would come to its peak.

“Jim, it’s like George Orwell’s Big Brother is watching.”

Finally, Rickards praises Orwell’s work, but points out that the author forgot to think about technological advancement, citing only crude fascism, such as the police reprimand.

Cryptocurrencies alone are nothing, says Jim Rickards

Another point made by James Rickards is that cryptocurrencies alone are not an outlet for state surveillance. As an example, he cited the case of Canada, where lCryptocurrencies were frozen and confiscated by the government.

“She [Chrystia Freeland] He called the banks, identified the truckers’ bank accounts and froze them all. He did not stop there, he also called cryptocurrency exchanges.”

I know there are cold wallets out there, but a lot of people put money on cryptocurrency exchanges and their accounts get frozen. Their trucks were impounded, they couldn’t feed their families, they were held without bail, all because of non-violent protest,” Jim Rickards continues on cryptocurrencies.

So, if the government can already take such actions based on the cooperation of third parties, it’s easy to imagine what it will do when it has full financial control over its citizens with the implementation of a CBDC.

Finally, Robert Kiyosaki’s podcast is a reminder of how vulnerable we are with the evolution of the digital world. The full conversation is available in the video below.

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