Up to BRL 19,182 per month: loophole in the sports betting system allows you to seek profits 100% of the time; understand

Charlie Taylor

What you will see here may look like unbelievable Or until lie at first, but I assure you: it is pure and simple math. A sports betting expert has just made an announcement bombastic: he created a system that identifies gaps in bets that allow profits 100% of the time for anyone. You will already see in detail how this works (and how you can also gain from it). For now, it is enough to know that, in the most positive scenario, it is possible to earn up to BRL 19,182 per month with that system. This, I repeat, in the most optimistic scenario. In more realistic scenarios, gains such as BRL 1,542, BRL 5,001 and even BRL 6,099 are entirely possible, as you will see. And this is possible even for you who are totally new to the subject. Is math very simple that practically anyone can understand.

What are sports betting?

In case you didn’t know, there are websites specialized in sports betting on the Internet. This is a way for you to bet a little money on the team you love – or even look for a extra income.

(Source: Paranashop) After all, some of these sites give you the possibility to bet on any sport that exists in any country in the world. There are matches happening all the time, every day – some with opportunities gigantic of profit. Of course, when betting in this way to seek to make money, there are risks involved. This is because of the way the potential winnings from bets are calculated. Obviously, in any sport, the team with the most chances to win offers the least money to those who bet on it. On the other hand, if you bet on the team with the lowest odds, you can win a lot more The account behind this reasoning is simple: suppose that, in a competition, one of the teams has an 80% chance of winning, and the other, 20%. . The payout for each bet will be the inverse of the probability that the team has to win. Therefore, the favorite team offers 1/0.8 = 1.25 payout, while the other team offers 1/0.2 = 5. That is, if you bet on the favorite team and it wins, you multiply your bet by 1 .25x. Every 100 reais you bet turns into R$125. On the other hand, when you bet on the other team, your money can be multiplied by 5. Of course, in reality, the payouts are a little smaller, because the margin of bookmaker profit. But the example is useful to understand how dynamics work. Can you understand what a double-edged sword is? If you bet on the favorite, you have more chances to win, but you win less. If you bet on the other, you are less likely to win, but you win more. That is, in any scenario, your potential earnings are quite limited, with the risk of all your money going to zero. This is why very few people can actually live on the income they earn from gambling. It is a very unpredictable environment that demands a lot of knowledge of strategy and statistics. At least, that was true until now. An expert has just found a breach in that environment.

Arbitrage: understand what it is and how it is possible to gain from it

THE arbitration has been a known concept for literally thousands of years. Anyone who deals with commerce knows how this works. In case you didn’t know, arbitration is nothing more than the possibility of benefiting from the price difference between two different places. For example, there are people who buy products over the internet on cheap websites and sell them on more expensive websites. The person doing the arbitrage doesn’t have much work other than identifying a price difference and trying to take advantage of it. It is, therefore, a simple form to be able to earn money. Arbitrage also exists in the case of sports betting. Just bet on two different scenarios on different sites, which pay different amounts. Everything will become clearer with an example. What you will see now is a real example arbitration, which was possible at the time of writing. On a betting site, the fight between two fighters, A and B, is paying 1.85 for both to win. On another site, the exact same bet is paying 1.5 for fighter A to win and 2.46 for fighter B. guaranteed profit arbitrating that bet. Just bet on fighter A on the first site, and fighter B on the second. Obviously, there are only two possible outcomes: Either fighter A wins, or fighter B wins. By betting on the two fighters, due to the payout difference between the two sites, you win on either outcome.

In this case, the ideal strategy would be: Bet R$ 57.08 on fighter A on the first site: if he wins, you win 1.85 x 57.08 = R$ 105.59 Bet R$ 42.92 on fighter B on the second site: if If he wins, you win 42.92 x 2.46 = $105.59 Note that this strategy works best in sports that only have two possible outcomes, such as martial arts. In football, for example, you would need to arbitrate on three sites, as the tie scenario has to be taken into account. That is it a way to profit from betting every time? WANT THE CHANCE TO WIN WITH BET ARBITRATION? THIS IS THE BEST STRATEGY

How much can you earn from it? See projections based on real numbers

To give you an idea of ​​this potential, let’s see some projections with real numbers of arbitrages on betting sites. On the same day that the R$ 105.59 arbitration was available, there were also more daring ones, which allowed profits of R$ 116.67 and even R$ 120.33. Let’s assume you manage to make $5.14 profit from each arbitrage. If you do this 10 times a day for 30 days, you would already have BRL 1,542 in the account.If you get profits of R$16.67 per bet, in the same scenario, you would have BRL 5,001 in the account.In a higher profit scenario, such as R$20.33 per bet, you would have BRL 6,099.

I WANT TO KNOW HOW I CAN EARN WINNINGS LIKE THESE WITH BET ARBITRATION This, of course, is very beautiful in theory. In practice, things are more difficult. As I said, there are multiple bets going on at all times, on dozens of sports and in hundreds of countries around the world. IT IS humanly impossible scour all these sites looking for arbitrations that work. Even if you identified a payout difference between two sites, you would also need to do the math to find out if it’s really worth it and how much money you should bet on each scenario. There are even calculators that do this, but few are reliable. But all that has just changed. And now, there is the real possibility of getting rich with sports betting arbitrage.

The revolutionary system that identifies arbitrage: a lot of people can get rich with it; understand

A sports betting expert has just developed a system which maps several betting sites around the world to identify the most advantageous arbitrages of the moment. This system, in addition to identifying the difference in payouts, points out exactly how much you should bet on each scenario and how much you can expect to win with this operation. Every hour, the system issues an alert with dozens of operations available. As I write this text, one of the system’s latest reports pointed to 31 arbitrations on several sites, with the possibility of total gain of R$ 255.76.

This is in a scenario of BRL 100 invested in each bet, with BRL 3,100 bet in total. Generally, it is possible to bet from 10 to 500 reais, the winnings being proportional to the amounts bet. It is here that there is the real possibility of enrich. If every hour this system issues a new alert with the same average earnings, you could earn BRL 255.76 per report. If you could do this 10 times a day, betting on all the recommended trades, in a month you would have BRL 76,728 in your account. I could understand the potential what is at stake here? Okay, assembling all these operations is practically impossible. In the last report, the system identified 31 arbitrage opportunities. Even if each operation took 1 minute (which is not true), it would take you 31 minutes to assemble them all. This is already a very relevant time in this scenario, as the betting flow tends to change potential payouts. Also, you may not have the capital necessary to operationalize all these bets. Maybe you are starting with less money and want to try to multiply that capital. Let’s say, therefore, in a more realistic projection, that you can mount a half of available bets. Still, we are talking about a potential gain of BRL 38,364 per month. Or, in an even more realistic projection, think that you can assemble half of half of operations. Still you could win BRL 19,182 – that’s extra income, with just a few minutes a day. I WANT THE CHANCE TO WIN UP TO BRL 19,182 PER MONTH WITH BET ARBITRATION

In an exclusive interview, expert will open up the details behind the revolutionary system; see how to watch

This is really an absurd potential. It is something that, according to the expert behind the system, is intended to be very big and really bring a revolution to the market. Do you doubt that full potential? It’s okay, you don’t have to believe me. The specialist himself has a exclusive interview marked to clarify everything behind this system. He will open, in detail, how this operation works, what risks are involved and what you need to use this strategy and be able to have profits 100% of the time with bets.

I’m sure you’ve watched several interviews in your life. This one, however, has the potential to leave you rich – and even a millionaire at some point. If you were at least intrigued by the numbers I presented to you, I advise you to watch the interview. It’s totally free, it will definitely clarify your doubts and show you a strategy capable of making you rich. To watch the interview, just register at the link below.

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