Ukraine: Russian attack on convoy of civilians – seven dead

Charlie Taylor

Seven civilians have been killed when Russian forces fired on a convoy outside Kyiv, Ukrainian intelligence officials say.Updated: March 12, 2022, 21:08Published: March 12, 2022, 18:06On Saturday night came reports of a Russian attack on a convoy of civilians who were being evacuated from a village northeast of the capital. Among those killed is a child, according to the Ukrainian intelligence service. The convoy must have been forced back into the village and is reportedly not allowed to leave the area. It is unclear how many were injured. The attack has not been confirmed by outside sources. Fighting has erupted in villages outside Kyiv on Saturday. While Russian forces regroup around the city, about 2,000 civilians have been evacuated, according to the rescue service, reports the BBC. Earlier in the morning, the airport in the city of Vasylkiv was destroyed during a Russian robot attack. The city is located 40 kilometers south of Kyiv. An oil depot has also been hit and set on fire, according to the city mayor. About 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since Putin began his offensive war, President Zelensky said at a news conference on Saturday afternoon.He argued at the same time Russia has lost about 12,000 troops. “A ratio of one to ten, but that does not make me happy,” he told a group of journalists. On March 2, Russia announced that it had lost nearly 500 troops, but had not updated the figure since then. The UN has so far been able to confirm 579 civilian deaths in Ukraine since the start of the war. 42 of them are said to be children. However, the real civilian losses are feared to be far higher, the world organization states.In the crowded and besieged the port city of Mariupol, more than 1,500 civilians have been killed in 12 days, according to local authorities. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba calls the siege of the city “the worst humanitarian catastrophe on the planet.” 90 tons of food and medicine are reported to be on its way to the city in a relief shipment from Zaporizhia. Ukrainian authorities hope that it will be able to evacuate civilians in the opposite direction on the way back. According to MSF, Mariupol has been without water and medicine for over a week now. Access to food is scarce and many lack information about what is happening outside their immediate area when access to the internet and mobile networks is lacking. An employee at the aid organization tells AP that he has seen people die when they have not received the medicine needed and that have been killed or injured and they just lie down. Neighbors are only digging a hole in the ground where they place the bodies. ”The mayor of the city of Melitopol is said to have been abducted by Russian forces. According to Ukraine, the abduction took place when the mayor visited the city’s crisis center on Friday afternoon, reports AFP.President Zelensky calls on their social media the event for a new level of terror. ”The capture of the mayor is not just a crime against an individual. It is not just a crime against an individual country, a crime only against Ukraine. It is a violation of democracy as such “, says the president. Several hundred people later went to the city hall in Melitopol in southeastern Ukraine in protest against the abduction. fights during Saturday morning. The fighting was concentrated in the northern parts of the city, according to information from the Ukrainian side. Mykolaiv is located on the Black Sea and is seen as strategically important and a potential gateway to the larger port city of Odessa. Russian forces have been trying to capture the city for two weeks, but Ukrainian soldiers have repulsed them.

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