UK bank prevents customers from making deposits to Binance

Charlie Taylor

HSBC Bank UKHSBC is barring its UK customers from using credit cards to make payments to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange “wherever possible,” the banking giant said on Tuesday. UK Financial (FCA) in June that Binance is not allowed to conduct any regulated activity in the country. tweets"We communicate to HSBC UK customers about changes in this (crypto) space that could impact them," said an HSBC spokesperson. We place particular emphasis on high anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) standards, and are closely following developments, customer demand and regulatory changes in these markets," added the spokesperson for the In July, British bank Barclays and Spanish giant Santander also blocked payments to Binance for UK customers after several other British banks blacklisted the exchange. the company was disappointed with HSBC's decision and would like a “dialogue to discuss any concerns they have.” “We take our compliance obligations very seriously and are committed to working collaboratively with regulators to shape policies that protect consumers , encourage innovation and move our sector forward,” said the spokesperson.See more:

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