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Published: March 15, 2022, 10: 00Updated: March 15, 2022, 11:48Based on AI technology, Gimic builds tools for industrial quality assurance. By integrating cameras in the production line, flows are streamlined and standardized. At the same time, quality and delivery security increase and the work environment improves. Future technology is here to stay. Gimic’s autonomous inspection system is based on the latest advances in machine learning technology. The technology is the same as in self-driving cars and it was from there that Gimic’s founder Marcus Nilsson got the idea four years ago to use the same technology in the manufacturing industry. – We combine cameras with artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning to standardize and streamline visual quality assurance, says Henrik Arvsell , CEO of Gimic.Better working environment and performanceToday, most visual inspections are done manually, which means a lot of heavy lifting and monotonous work tasks when product after product is carefully checked. – It is a demanding job and strenuous for both body and eyes. By automating tasks that are not value-creating, companies can produce more and the staff’s skills are used better, says Marcus Nilsson.Complete traceabilityEvery error that is detected is documented, which means complete traceability. The risk of a defective product being passed through is very small, which means minimal complaints. – If an error is detected, production can be stopped before more errors occur, which is also positive from a sustainability perspective as incorrect products are sorted out immediately and do not continue in the flow, Marcus Nilsson explains.Problem solving expertsGimic is an innovative team with a background in both industrial processes and data development. Among other things, they help Hordagruppen AB, a subcontractor to the car industry, with inspection of plastic and rubber details. Through high-tech solutions throughout the chain from every detail produced, data that is analyzed is ensured. It has been the basis for streamlined, time-saving processes. Gimic also has a collaboration with Swepart Transmission, which manufactures gears. By automating visual inspections with full traceability in the production environment, the number of incorrect details and production stoppages is reduced while delivery reliability increases.Increased demand for AI technologyToday’s flexible market and economy requires the industry to develop new skills, invest in new technology and adopt new business models in order to survive, and Gimic believes in strong development going forward. – We want more people to understand the potential of AI use in the manufacturing industry, says Marcus Nilsson. If companies want to keep their production in Sweden, they need to automate their processes to maintain competitiveness.About GimicGimic was founded in 2017 and combines industrial quality assurance with the power of AI. The company’s goal is to get more people to discover the potential that exists in AI and to accelerate technology in Sweden so that companies can streamline, develop and maintain Visit us on LinkedIn

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