Trend reconnaissance: The airport of the future

Charlie Taylor

Published: 19 May 2022, 22:07Mathias Svedlund, CEO of Sensec AB. Despite the fact that security at airports is generally high, it can be even higher. That is the opinion of Pernilla Jennesäter, CEO of Transfer Group AB. – An important key is to streamline the flow of passengers, she says.Read more about how sectech takes security solutions to the next levelCheck-in, security check and boarding. Actually, there are only a few steps we need to get through at an airport to reach our destination – but unfortunately those steps often take an unnecessarily long time. Complicated processes create long queues. At the same time, there is always an increased safety risk in places where many people are staying at the same time, says Pernilla Jennesäter.

Work proactively

Legislative changes regarding airport security have almost always been hammered out after a serious incident. For example, the rules regarding what passengers are allowed to bring on board were tightened considerably after the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. – You often act on something that has just happened when you could actually work more proactively and preventively, says Mathias Svedlund, CEO of Sensec AB , one of Transfer Group’s subsidiaries. In airport security, Sensec AB works to make the flow smoother for passengers at security checks. – Through collaborations with a large number of manufacturers of technical equipment, we can sew together tailor-made solutions according to individual customers’ unique needs. With the technical development of recent years, we can also offer solutions that mean that you do not have to pick out your computer or make-up from your bag, for example. We also replace metal detectors with body scans, which minimizes manual control where security guards visit passengers. All in all, this provides a faster process and a more pleasant experience for passengers, says Mathias Svedlund.

A complete solution

Pernilla Jennesäter describes Transfer Group AB as a non-stop shop that covers all parts of physical security, including at airports. – Via our subsidiaries, we offer everything from security services and shell protection to security checks and baggage handling. We are involved from the time you arrive at the airport until you arrive at your destination, she explains. – Thanks to our collaboration with Embross, we also have check-in kiosks that have an AI solution with face recognition, which means that passengers can get from check-in to boarding without having to show any physical documents, says Baard Lund, CEO of Norwegian Sensec Solutions.

The biggest bottleneck

Once passengers have checked in their luggage, Sensec Solutions’ intuitive BRAINS control system takes over. It is a fully automated baggage handling system built in modules and which stores and manages all data linked to baggage. – Today, the biggest bottleneck for an airport is lost baggage caused by the human factor. With our system, you can reduce the number of people who handle luggage and thus ensure that the right luggage ends up in the right place, says Baard Lund and adds: – We work as an integrator in the market and by delivering end-to-end solutions We provide increased value to our customers. – Our companies work to create a fast and easy flow for both airports and passengers, without compromising on either convenience or safety, says Pernilla Jennesäter.Read more about how sectech takes security solutions to the next levelThe article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Transfer Group and not an article by Dagens industri

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