Trader turns $20 into $1 trillion on Coinbase, but he won't cash out

Charlie Taylor

it was a flaw that would be fixed.Williamson is maintaining a positive attitude about the situation. He said he had friends inside Coinbase and one of the emails he sent them said:

“Look, I need you guys to let me know what's going on because I have a megayacht company ready to build a penguin-shaped yacht for me. So, you know, let me know."

This is not the first time the giant cryptocurrency brokerage has had a system failure. In April 2020, analyst Captain Scio pointed out a major error in the Coinbase Pro app, showing that someone had purchased 42,085 BTC, worth $306 million at the time, for just 18 cents. BUNNY is a utility token in Binance Smart Chain . It is used to power the Rocket Bunny ecosystem of dApps (decentralized apps), which includes Rocket Drop (launch platform), Rocket Swap (DEX) and Rocket Labs (test field).See too:

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