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Published: May 13, 2023, 12:35 p.mDaniella Waldfogel, vice president at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Accelerating climate change, a high pace of digitization, an aging population, increased segregation – and a significantly deteriorating economy. These are some of the big changes that place new and higher demands on our cities. – This creates new opportunities, but also the need to think differently, to change and challenge old truths, says Daniella Waldfogel, vice president of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.Read more about the Urban Development network The pandemic has also brought some changes – in how we travel, shop and work – and we are still orienting ourselves in what will be the “next normal”. What is clear is that despite the hard blow, the cities have proven that they have enormous resilience and that the rumor of the city’s “death” was greatly exaggerated. – All of this together has given new strength to the civil engineering sector to continue investing in developing our dense environments, although perhaps in new, and hopefully even more sustainable ways. And this has to happen despite the downturn in the economy. It cannot stop, says Daniella Waldfogel. A big challenge in this fast-changing world we live in is to ensure that the physical city does not become too static, she believes. That it can cope with the rapid, but also unpredictable pressure of change and at the same time delivers what residents and visitors want – values ​​that make them feel good. – I think that flexibility in the built environment will be something that is talked about a lot in the coming years. Here, experienced and courageous leaders are needed who can balance the new with the old – and who at the same time dare to experiment and test unproven cards.

Brings together visionary and creative leaders

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s Urban Development network brings together leaders who share a strong belief in the city as a phenomenon and phenomenon. People who in one way or another work on developing the attractiveness of cities. – Our hope is that the network will be a platform where participants can exchange knowledge and experiences regarding successes and pitfalls – but also get a lot of new inspiration. Real partnerships and relationships develop in the best way precisely in the physical meeting. We are completely convinced of that, says Daniella Waldfogel. But the network itself is not an industry initiative – quite the opposite. The network group is tailored by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce so that there is a good mix of participants where everyone gets maximum benefit. – We believe in mixing experiences, professions and perspectives from different corners of business and society. It creates real dynamic conversations.

Exciting mix of content and speakers

The network is designed and created by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce together with an external experienced network leader. The program offers both inspiration and knowledge from urban innovators, pioneering architects and forward-looking leaders – both Swedish and international. The application for Urban Development, starting in September 2023, has just opened for new participants. The group will meet six times over the course of a year and about four hours per occasion. – We will have an exciting mix of speakers on site at each occasion, while the network participants will also have the opportunity to talk, ask questions, develop and test ideas together. Read more about the Urban Development network


Urban Development is the network for you who are active in the civil engineering sector or have a leading position at one of the city’s tourism destinations. Tailor-made networking group with people who match your needs and goals Inspiring talks and workshops Six network workshop meetings (half days) External lecturer at each meeting, with content designed to suit your group Cost: SEK 24,500/year (ex VAT) for members of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. SEK 36,500/year (ex VAT) for non-member companies. Participation in the network is personal and cannot be transferred.


The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is a modern, independent business organization, founded in 1902. It is non-partisan and acts without a profit interest to increase the attractiveness of the capital region for both companies and people. Through partnerships with the member companies, we together influence the future of the region for the better. a unique arena where members meet and collaborate with many of Sweden’s largest companies and actors. On behalf of the government, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce issues important trade documents and advice that helps Swedish companies to enter the global market. Offers help with commercial dispute resolution and simplified dispute procedures via Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute, SCC.Offers digital and physical deposition of company source codes or other company secrets as an independent third party.Read more about the Urban Development network The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and not an article by Dagens industri

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