This cryptocurrency yielded +3,000% in 2022 and analyst sees potential to deliver 50,000% profit; understand


Coin with a question mark An investment of R$2,885 in this asset in January was enough for you to have more than R$100,000 today; now you have it…

The content This cryptocurrency yielded +3,000% in 2022 and analyst sees potential to deliver 50,000% profit; understand appeared first in Cointimes .

Coin with a question mark

An investment of R$2,885 in this asset in January was enough for you to have more than R$100,000 today; now, you have a new chance to multiply your money with one of the most promising segments of the cryptomarket: the new internet .

The opportunity I'll tell you today goes far beyond Bitcoin or Ethereum . It refers to a cryptoactive off the radar , linked to the infrastructure of a new internet, much cheaper, independent and democratic: it is called Web 3.0 .

Many will give up on reading this. “Web 3.0” seems to be a complicated thing, I know. But in this text, you'll see that it's much easier – and relevant – than it sounds, and why it's so important that you're positioned in this segment.

Many will be afraid, many will be disbelieving. Still, there are those who will not listen to the masses and will experience the exponentiality of the new internet economy .

Therefore, I make a point of telling you the details of the newest recommendation from the cryptocurrency research team at Empiricus, the largest independent financial analysis firm in Brazil:

Up to 50,000% potential return: this is the cryptocurrency that can change your financial life

Imagine a world where you don't have to worry about Tim, Claro or Vivo to secure your internet.

Or rather: imagine an internet where the user owns his own data…

This is one of the premises of Web 3.0: a set of ideas, projects and protocols that seek to create the new infrastructure of the internet (unfortunately for Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues).

This structure is decentralized . After all, the blockchain internet allows individuals to program services in the form of protocols, in which code is law.

In this environment, we don't need intermediaries regulating access and quantities, much less extracting income. The market adapts and evolves on its own – it's true liberalism.

The graphic below is a representation of how Web3 is an internet open to all users, built on open protocols and transparent blockchain networks:

Diagram on Web 3.0 different from Google and Facebook which are closed

Title: "The Web3 Revolution is being built on open standards and protocols"

Image: Messari, Tom Shaughnessy, Delphi Digital, Ash Egan

In this new internet, decision-making coordination is more transparent and efficient and data rights will be protected rather than violated in pursuit of profits.

According to Empiricus' Cryptocurrency Research Center, Web 3 is also the stage for protocols that represent highly disruptive new business models , with explosive potential , due to cost efficiency and the ability to scale.

One of these projects is the latest nomination of Empiricus.

And as I told you above, this is the cryptocurrency that can change EVERYTHING. Why?

This crypto is a Web 3.0 protocol that allows anyone to access the internet wirelessly, through the coverage network provided by crypto hotspots around the world.

Have you ever imagined this?

You, me, and anyone else can buy a hotspot, provide internet connection without the need for plans, and still be rewarded with the network's native token.

Just think about the usefulness of this in the long term… It's no wonder that this cryptocurrency started the year at US$1.36, and is now worth around US$45, which represents more than 3250% appreciation.

See only the asset's performance since the beginning of the year:

Graph, Price Histogram

Appreciation of Web 3.0 assets – Source: CoinMarketCap Accessed on 11/18/21

More than 3250% earnings in 2022; this might just be the beginning

According to calculations made by specialist Valter Rebelo, the asset still has room for new exponential valuations . In the best case scenario, this cryptocurrency has the potential to deliver a return of up to 50,000%. And he cites two reasons for this:

  1. Web 3 is still unknown, off the radar, and tends to attract more investors once the project becomes more widespread. In other words, the demand for this asset may rise, which favors its appreciation.
  2. Every two years, the issuance of this asset drops by half (halving). In this way, we have a token that is not only useful, but also deflationary . It is the law of supply and demand: when supply falls, price tends to rise.

In summary: the scarcity of supply determined by code, added to the demand based on utility, tend to cause an appreciation of the token .

And whoever has this asset in their portfolio has the potential to pocket fat profits. That is why Empiricus recommends the immediate purchase of the asset .

But that doesn't mean you should put all your money into it, quite the opposite.

“For timing reasons, I recommend that you invest a small amount, which won't hurt you. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky and you need to be aware of that”, he explains.

The beauty of the world of cryptoactives is precisely that you can put in a little money for a chance to win big.

Think about it like this: how much would you accept to lose today for the chance to make a fortune? 100 reais? One thousand reais? 5 thousand?

That's up to you.

The big opportunity here is that a little money can turn a fortune.

Something that doesn't happen in savings accounts, doesn't happen with government bonds or even with shares of large companies… This is one of the advantages of the world of cryptocurrencies.

If you're reading this, it's a sign that you may be part of a select group of people who are exposing themselves to what some analysts are calling the biggest money-making opportunity of the 21st century; and long before the general public.

And if you think I'm overreacting, just see how long it took for Bitcoin to become popular… About twelve years. In the case of this Web 3.0 asset, this popularization is already starting to happen.

Profits can start to show up at any time…

And if you've made it this far, I imagine you're at least curious to know which cryptocurrency Empiricus is recommending.

I would even tell you the name of the crypto in this text. After all, you deserve the chance to multiply your money and make a fortune. You have your job, your family, and your own ambitions… Extra income always goes down well.

If that's your case, I suggest you watch Valter Rabelo's video. He himself wants to explain all the details about the asset in the video he hastily recorded to send to you ( watch here ).

In this video, he explains to you exactly how you can invest in this crypto. He will also show you all the projections he and his team have made regarding the potential of this coin. It will analytically prove to you the fundamentals that lead you to indicate the purchase of this cryptocurrency and why you should consider investing a small portion of your equity in this asset .

The message is given. Now I pass the ball to Valter to forward you more information about this cryptocurrency that is already on the rise. Click on the button below and learn more:


The content This cryptocurrency yielded +3,000% in 2022 and analyst sees potential to deliver 50,000% profit; understand appeared first in Cointimes .

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