They are praised for diversity: “The same recipe for success”


Diversity goals and measurability are the recipe for an equal organization. That’s what Axfood and Hemnet think, both of which win the foundation’s Allbright award for most equal companies.Published: 24 October 2022, 06:00It is eighth year in a row that the Allbright prize is awarded to Swedish companies that work for increased diversity and inclusion. This year, two companies will share first place. According to the foundation, it is about an even fight between two equal winners: Axfood AXFO +0.16% Dagens utvekking and Hemnet HEM -2.50% Dagens utveckling. proves that the issues are up to each owner and CEO,” says Amanda Lundeteg, CEO of Allbright. The rationale is that both companies, despite being so different, show that the path to equality goes through the same stated ambition and active work. The companies both have clear gender equality goals, measure the outcome and take measures to reach the target image. They also allocate clear resources and follow up the results with, for example, internal training. “The winners prove that all companies have opportunities to succeed in the work for increased diversity. Every company may be unique, but the recipe for success for diversity and inclusion is the same regardless of industry or company size,” says Amanda Lundeteg.Axfood is a food group with approximately 13,000 employees, while Hemnet has just over 100 employees. According to Allbright, the common thing is that the companies work long-term with the gender equality issue. They particularly praise Axfood’s measurable goals for gender distribution, foreign background and age among employees, as well as recruitment processes where the company has joined forces with researchers and experts to make it more open-minded. “Axfood sees diversity as an important part of the business. We meet all kinds of customers and therefore must have an organization that understands their needs and behaviors,” says Klas Balkow, CEO of Axfood, in a press release. The home is noticed especially because the company made great progress in a short time. In just four years, Hemnet has gone from recruiting locally to recruiting internationally, as well as educating leaders on unconscious bias and focusing on recruiting women into technical positions. “We want a working environment characterized by people with different backgrounds and perspectives. We know that creates a strong corporate culture, but also the innovative power that is a prerequisite for a successful business,” says Cecilia Beck-Friis, CEO of Hemnet.Read more: The trick that makes recruitment open-minded

Allbright Award

Allbright is a non-partisan and non-profit foundation that works for equality and diversity in the business world. The prize is awarded annually to companies that work to achieve the same goal. In order to win, it is necessary that it is a listed company with an even gender distribution in the management team. Employee surveys and CEO interviews are then conducted, which are analyzed by a jury. This year’s jury included Brandon Sekitto, co-founder Nodnarb, Caroline Farberger, chairman Wellstreet, Hayaat Ibrahim, secretary general Institutet mot mutor, Johan Oljeqvist, CEO Fryshuset, Michaëla Berglund, CEO Michaël Berglund and chairman Allbright, Sven Hagströmer, chairman Avanza and founder of Allbright and Susanne Najafi, who founded Backing Minds.

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