There are already more practicing Muslims in France than practicing Catholics


photo. PixabayThe French National Institute of Statistics (INSEE) has published figures that speak of an unprecedented civilization change in the history of a country that is the cradle of European culture. This is truly historic: there are more practicing Muslims in France today than practicing Catholics. 1.5 million Catholics pray and 800,000 goes to church, while 2 million Muslims pray and 726,000 goes to the mosque.
Reading the latest INSEE report helps us understand the civilization change we are experiencing in Europe. In some Western European countries, Islamic dominance over Catholicism has already taken place. According to the researchers, the current research does not reflect the real state of affairs because it does not take into account young people under the age of 18 (the studies concerned people aged 18-59), where the percentage of practicing Muslims significantly exceeds the number of practicing Christians. Le Monde reports that secularization among Catholics is progressing the fastest. The postmodern virus has not corroded the minds of Muslims. As much as 91 percent of Muslims raised as Muslims practice their faith into adulthood. Three years ago, Muslims in France accounted for 7%, today they are 10%. residents. Pierre Brochand, a former director of the French secret services, said that “the critical point will be the moment when Muslim immigrants exceed the 50 percent threshold.” According to the published study, religiousness in adulthood is greatly influenced by the upbringing received. As much as 60 percent of people who consider themselves atheists say they received an upbringing without faith. More than half of Catholics, other Christians and Buddhists said that religion had little or no importance in their childhood. Meanwhile, passing on the faith to your children is especially important for Muslims and Jews. Nearly three-quarters of practicing Muslims and Jews say that religion was a fairly important or very important element in their family homes. Interestingly, only 6% of of Catholics say religion is a sign of identity, while 30% of Muslims believe that religion is the “matrix” of their individual, family and social identity. Only 8 percent of French Catholics regularly attend church, while just over 20 percent Muslims and Buddhists and 34 percent. of Jews declare regular religious practices. In other words, in absolute terms, there are now more Muslims attending places of worship than Catholics in France. As noted by right-wing activist and 2022 French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, “Immigrants in France today amount to 19 million people. For a country of 68 million people, that’s a colossal number. Immigration continues to grow in France – both in absolute terms and as a percentage of the population – and is increasingly Africanised. The number and percentage of Muslims is increasing, and Orthodoxy is becoming more pronounced. Today there are 55 percent more women wearing hijabs than in 2013! Among sub-Saharan Muslim women, the use of the headscarf more than doubled. Historical turning point: Islam becomes the first religion to be practiced on French soil (participation in places of worship, frequency of prayers, etc.): French Muslims claiming to practice it outnumber Catholics claiming to practice it. in forty years, France has become a Western European country where the population of Muslim origin is the most important,” Vatican Radio reported. “It is not hard to hypothesize that we are now close to overtaking French Catholicism by Islam.” Just a few years ago, it was estimated that in France there were three practicing Catholics for every practicing Muslim. An in-depth analysis reveals yet another very disturbing phenomenon. Comparing the weekly attendance at Friday prayers in the mosque and Sunday mass in the church, it is clear that 65 percent. practicing Catholics are over 50 years old. By contrast, 73 percent of practicing Muslims are under the age of 50. Le Figaro writes: “Two Ifop studies show that there is now one young practicing Catholic for every three young practicing Muslims in France.” Macron’s adviser on Islam at the Montaigne Institute, Hakim El Karoui, also reveals that Islam is the first religion practiced in France. He claims that “there are more practicing Muslims, between 2.5 and 3 million, compared to 1.65 million practicing Catholics.” in the country) revealed that “although Catholic monuments still stand, in France a mosque is erected every two weeks and Christian buildings are demolished at the same rate.” France had 150 mosques in 1976, 900 in 1985, 1555 in 2001 and so next… This shows how dramatically the Muslim community in this country is growing. Today in France, according to the Algerian novelist Boualem Sansal, there are 3,000 mosques. And by the end of the century, there will be 10,000 of them. It makes me want to say: au revoir, France!

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