The week Bitcoin became official currency, see a summary of what happened

Charlie Taylor

Bitcoin performance graph in recent days. It was at dawn this Wednesday that bitcoin stopped being just the currency of the internet and became legal tender in a sovereign country. As a result, the international scenario changed and even India, which had been studying the ban on bitcoin a few months ago, went back and will recognize it as an asset class.Meanwhile, the environmental concern of bitcoin mining has been softened by the increase in the use of renewable energy for the activity. Now, with geothermal power plants, El Salvador wants use energy produced from volcanoes to mine bitcoin. This week was historic for Bitcoin. But if you've missed some of the most relevant news from the past few days, here's an important summary to understand how bitcoin is proving itself increasingly resilient.

Top news of the week

Historic: El Salvador is the first country to adopt bitcoin as its official currency. In a pioneering movement in the world, the small country of El Salvador officially adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. The vote was approved by a majority decision, and cryptocurrency is now enforced in the country.It's "a matter of time" for Twitter to adopt Bitcoin, says Jack Dorsey. We may soon see Dorsey's social network implement bitcoin transactions via the Lightning Network, second-tier technology that makes BTC submissions much cheaper and faster.US Central Bank Interested in cryptocurrency? Fed increases exposure to Bitcoin. Even with its well-known extremely skeptical position to the BTC, the injection of liquidity into the markets by the Federal Reserve (FED) reached the main cryptoactive of the market. Through the ETF SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond, the American bank was exposed to bonds that MicroStrategy issued on Wednesday (9) to buy bitcoin. The US Department of Justice recovered more than US$ 2.1 million in paid bitcoins in ransomware by Colonial Pipeline. Despite rumors, the FBI didn't hack bitcoin, but it could be spreading lies, as journalists said the agency could “empty any wallet”.Trump calls bitcoin a scam, but assumes the real reason for his hatred. Former US President Donald Trump has once again reaffirmed his stance on Bitcoin. He said it looked a lot like a fraud, but ended up assuming he didn't like it because it's a currency that competes with the US dollar. If you don't want to miss any Cointimes news, follow our channel on Telegram!

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