The wave of resignations grows on Twitter after Musk demanded more work hours


After Elon Musk took over one of the most important social networks today, he has been moving the pieces to change the course of the platform, recently sent out a message to your entire workforce highlighting certain important changes which we will explain below.

An ultimatum sent by Musk on Thursday specified that workers had to “commit to working long, high-intensity hours”and said message had to be answered before 5 pm on Thursday or else they would be fired with 3 months’ compensation.

Twitter suffers from a lack of employees.

This It has caused hundreds of employees to decide to look for other decentralized work options and therefore, the closure of their offices due to understaffing, at least at this time. Twitter has also announced the temporary suspension of access to credentials until next Monday, November 21, and asked employees to refrain from sharing information on social networks, in the press and elsewhere.

According to the most recognized media in the United States, it has been revealed the mass exodus of employees that amounts to 3,500 layoffs since Musk took over Twitter and that is largely influenced by the creation of measures that apparently go against the labor rights of many people.

New options are gaining strength!

But the latest measures not only seem to be causing the resignation of employees, but also many users are now looking for other decentralized platforms based on Web3Among them, Mastodon, a decentralized social network that in November has seen a new record highs by more than a million users since Elon Musk closed the deal to acquire Twitter.

Another option appears to be former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s new social network called Bluesky Social, which basically works as a decentralized platform that aims to empower users with control over your data and uses blockchain technology to enable the exchange of digital money on the platform.

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