The United States SEC approved the first Bitcoin ETF


The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken a historic step by authorizing the issuance of the first leveraged Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This approval marks a significant milestone in cryptocurrency adoption and opens up new opportunities for investors interested in participating in the Bitcoin market.

The ETF, known as the x2 Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITX) and created by the company Volatility Shares, will debut on the New York Stock Exchange next Tuesday, as announced by Stuart Barton, investment director of Volatility Shares. This leveraged fund will allow investors to take advantage of Bitcoin’s volatility as it will double the movements of the cryptocurrency.

Source: SEC and CriptoNoticias

SEC Approves First Leveraged Bitcoin ETF

Leverage is a commonly used strategy in trading, where the volatility of an asset is increased. In the case of the Leveraged Bitcoin ETF, if the price of Bitcoin rises 10%, investors in the fund will earn a 20% profit. The same is true in the event of a drop in the price of Bitcoin.

The SEC’s approval comes at a time when Bitcoin has once again breached the $30,000 mark, fueled by growing institutional interest in cryptocurrencies. At press time, the first cryptocurrency is trading around $31,137, according to CoinGecko.

The announcement of the approval of the leveraged Bitcoin ETF also comes just days after BlackRock, the world’s largest mutual fund, filed with the SEC for clearance to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF. This request further reinforces the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies by traditional financial institutions.

Not only BlackRock has shown interest in launching a Bitcoin ETF. Other major firms like WisdomTree and Valkyrie have announced that they will also file with the SEC to issue Bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds. This indicates that the cryptocurrency market is gaining more and more acceptance and trust in the financial sphere.

The approval of the first Bitcoin ETF in the United States has a significant impact on the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As more institutional and retail investors gain access to these funds, the liquidity and stability of the Bitcoin market is expected to increase. Furthermore, the approval of the ETF could pave the way for the approval of other cryptocurrency-based financial products in the future.

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