The United States is developing a technology partnership with India


geralt/Pixabay Washington wants to deploy more Western mobile networks in the Indian subcontinent to counter Huawei’s Chinese tech. He also wants to bring more Indian computer chip specialists to the United States and encourage companies from both countries to collaborate on military equipment such as artillery systems. Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan and his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval meet with senior officials from both countries at the White House to launch the US-India Critical and Emerging Technology Initiative. “The greater challenge posed by China – its economic practices, aggressive military moves, efforts to dominate the industries of the future and control the supply chains of the future – has had a profound effect on the mindset in Delhi,” says Jack Sullivan. Sullivan and Doval attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting with corporate leaders from Lockheed Martin Corp, Adani Enterprises (India’s largest corporation, owned by the richest Asian, Gautam Adani) and Applied Materials Inc. New Delhi recently frustrated Washington by participating in military exercises with Russia and increasing its purchases of oil from Russia – a key source of funding for Russia’s war in Ukraine. Russia is also India’s main supplier of military equipment and cooperates with Putin in the field of nuclear and space technologies. At the same time, India is a country that sees China as the main threat to its security. Even though India is part of the Biden administration’s Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) engagement project in Southeast Asia, it has chosen not to join the IPEF trade pillar negotiations. At the same time, India is (together with Russia, China, South Africa and Brazil) a member of the BRICS group of emerging countries, and also cooperates with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, dominated by Russia and China. The initiative also includes joint activities in the field of space and quantum technologies. General Electric recently applied to the US government for permission to produce jet engines with India. The engines would power aircraft operated and manufactured by India. According to the White House, the approval process is underway. New Delhi said the U.S. government would quickly consider General Electric’s request, and the two countries would focus on joint production of “key items of common interest” in the defense field. The two countries also established a coordination mechanism in the field of quantum technologies and agreed to set up a task force with India’s Semiconductor Mission, India Electronics Semiconductor Association (IESA) and US Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) to promote the development of semiconductor ecosystems. India will also work with NASA on human spaceflight and other projects, Indian authorities said. Reuter, KR

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