The storm stops the trains – departures are cancelled


The heavy snowfall causes problems in traffic and a number of train departures are canceled during Monday. This applies, among other things, to all SJ’s regional trains between Stockholm and Uppsala.Updated: November 21, 2022, 05:32Published: November 20, 2022, 10:55 p.mThe low pressure area in the south Sweden continues to rage with undiminished force and some areas are currently experiencing intense storms with heavy snowfall. “If you are going out in traffic, you should be careful,” says Petter Lind, meteorologist on duty at SMHI. Snowfall warnings have been issued mainly for the east coast, the eastern parts of Götaland and Svealand but also Skåne, west of Vänern and Dalsland where it is snowing intensively in some places.”We also have an orange warning for parts of Gotland and also Stockholm County, and that is also where we expect the most intense the storm,” says Petter Lind. During late Sunday evening, in addition to heavy snowfall, Stockholm also had thunderstorms, a phenomenon that is not part of the norm. “It occurs, but it is most common in other seasons, such as summer when there is heavy rain in connection with thunder.” , says Petter Lind.Petter Lind explains that it is about what process it is that generates the precipitation. The strong villages that occur more in the summer with heavy rainfall have now been observed out to sea, but then in the form of heavy snowfall. “It is then convection in the atmosphere that causes the air to move vertically so that it causes the air to rise. Then there can be a strong large vertical extension that causes thunder to form and it also occurs in the winter.””Also northern Gotland and the Baltic Sea have had some discharges, mostly over seas and when they reach over land, it is dampened, but Stockholm is close to the coast,” explains Petter Lind. After SMHI issued an orange warning for snowfall in the area around Stockholm and Uppsala, all train operators had a meeting with the Swedish Transport Administration. Because the Swedish Transport Administration asked the operators to reduce traffic, SJ has chosen to cancel all regional departures between Stockholm and Uppsala. “We have chosen to do this in order to reduce the number of trains running on the route,” said Leila Fogelholm at SJ’s press release for TT earlier in the evening.To solve the problem do you have a ticket collaboration with other companies, where the person who bought a ticket with SJ can travel with Mälartåg or SL on the route between Uppsala and Stockholm.”If you have bought a ticket, you can rebook or cancel or travel with other trains. Our express trains and other lines in the country will operate as usual. Then you always get to see how the weather affects traffic.” The trains that are affected are the trains that run from 5 a.m. on Monday and the rest of the day. SJ cannot say whether more trains during the week will be cancelled. SJ is also canceling some departures on the Stockholm-Västerås route and the Gävle-Linköping route. The customers who have booked a ticket on the affected departures will also be able to rebook or cancel their ticket there. It is in addition to the heavy snowfall and the mild temperatures that make it difficult for the trains to run. close to zero there will be heavy snow which makes it difficult for the trains to go”, says Petter Lind.The storm is expected to continue throughout Monday, but on Tuesday it looks like the precipitation will calm down a bit and move further north. “Right now they have very calm weather in Norrland, cold but significantly calmer with a high pressure ridge,” says Petter Lind. New fronts will then come in from the west and gives milder temperatures.”There will be a lot of snow and slippage until then, so take it easy in the morning traffic,” advises Petter LindÄven SL will suspend traffic on Monday. The lines affected are line 40, 41, 42, 43 , 44 and 48, and reduced traffic will be in place as long as the orange warning remains, SL states. Even long-distance train traffic, trains Stockholm-Arlanda and other trains will be affected.

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