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Five tips: How to increase your company’s profitability – through the occupational pension

Published: May 4, 2023, 1:59 p.mMattias Munter is a pension economist at Skandia. The battle for competent employees is razor sharp. For companies, it is important to be able to offer good benefits and show that you invest in the staff. One of the tools is to choose the right occupational pension – it can also increase profitability. There is a lot to think about when choosing an occupational pension for your employees. Firstly, it is an important employee benefit that can make up 25-50 percent of the total pension. – It’s about being a good, responsible and attractive employer, says Mattias Munter, who is a pension economist at Skandia. And it’s not just about how the employees can get more in the pay envelope when they retire. An important part of running a profitable company is to be responsive and to catch early signs that employees are not feeling well.

Increase profitability with preventive health work

Preventive work can both increase the well-being of your employees and reduce the risk of costly sick leave. Healthy staff also have better conditions to work more efficiently and thus increase the company’s profitability. – By choosing a smart occupational pension solution that also takes care of your employees’ health, it can actually contribute to increasing the company’s profitability and growth. In order for you and your employees to feel good, we have added a preventive health insurance free of charge to our health insurance, which provides easy access to preventive measures. Do you also want to have a healthier company? See how you can reduce sickness absence and increase profitability here It pays to act on early signs of ill-health, regardless of whether it is a matter of mental or physical problems, he notes. – Sickness absence, i.e. when someone is at work but does not feel well, can cost the company more than actual sickness absence and this is where the greatest potential for improvement lies. But rather than growth, the consulting company’s focus is on the employees’ well-being, says founder and CEO Helena Hessle. – Life is long and we live in the here and now. When we work, we should feel good, but you should also have a good life when you have stopped working, and therefore a good occupational pension is important. From the very beginning, we have only worked with Skandia and we are very satisfied. We have been given a personal contact and always received help and someone who follows up, she says.Do you need to review the company’s occupational pension? Get help right here!

Here are 5 things to think about the occupational pension

1. Several placement optionsThere are several different options when it comes to how the occupational pension money can be invested and grown. Traditional management with a guarantee is the most common form, but your employees can also choose between quality-assured funds and individual shares or combine savings forms. Skandia offers all three options – so that you, as an employer, can offer your employees freedom of choice and make it easy to make informed choices also regarding their future income.2. Choose how long you want to saveToday, most workplaces work hard to achieve their sustainability goals. Choosing a pension company that shares the company’s view on sustainability is therefore an important parameter. Skandia Occupational Pension with Health is an occupational pension that offers investments that contribute to sustainable development. Skandia has long since established working methods to take into account sustainability risks and relevant sustainability factors. The company works based on the strategy of opting in, opting out and influencing, and in this way promotes sustainable development – regardless of whether you choose an occupational pension with a guarantee or with selected funds.3. Health insuranceCaring about your employees’ health and offering preventive help is important for you as an employer. Skandia Service Pension with Health includes health insurance free of charge, which means that your employees can seek help early if they are not feeling well, to avoid being sick, for example through talk therapy, physical therapy and ergonomics support.4. Health insuranceMany employees are looking for a job that can offer good security, which means that you don’t have to think about finances if you become ill for a long time and cannot work. By offering your employees health insurance, you can provide the opportunity to receive compensation of up to 90 percent of the salary in the event of a longer sick leave. Skandia Tjänstepension med Hälsa includes health insurance, which means that you, as an employer, can choose from a number of waiting periods for when the compensation will start to be paid out.5. AdviceBeing able to get advice about your pension is an important service to offer your employees. At Skandia, you as an employer can choose for yourself whether you want to offer your employees personal or digital pension advice.Read more about Skandia Job Pension with Health!

Skandia occupational pension with health – good for the company and the employee

Skandia knows that healthy and safe employees create prosperous companies. That’s why Skandia offers you and your employees a comprehensive occupational pension with an extra focus on health. By working preventively with health together with its customers, Skandia has over the past 15 years more than halved employees’ sick leave and increased the company’s profitability. For the fifth year in a row, Skandia Sweden’s most satisfied business customers in the occupational pension category.Read more about how you can get strong benefits and a healthier company here The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Skandia and not an article by Dagens industri

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