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Sustainable copper from Swedish Elcowire key to the energy transition

Published: April 18, 2023, 10:00 a.m. Updated: April 24, 2023, 12:21 p.m.Paul Gustavsson, CEO Elcowire. Fredrik Adlercreutz, Head of Business Unit Rod at Elcowire. Copper has excellent leadership qualities and therefore plays an important role in the transition and electrification required to create a more sustainable society. The Swedish company Elcowire in Helsingborg produces copper wire, which is the basis for a long line of key products in the ongoing transition. Now the demand for their products is increasing. – We are very well positioned for the future, says Paul Gustavsson, CEO at Elcowire. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydropower need large amounts of copper to produce electricity but also to transmit the energy over long distances with as little loss as possible. Copper is also used in most electrical applications. The availability of copper is thus one of the most important factors for an efficient energy transition. Elcowire manufactures copper wire for all types of electrical cables, as well as advanced profiles for high-voltage cables in larger dimensions, and positions itself with these solutions as a link in the processing chain between mine and smelter on the one side, and the manufacturer of a copper-based end product on the other side. – We are currently receiving many requests from suppliers to energy producers, for example cable manufacturers and transformer producers, as well as from system suppliers and energy-demanding industries. But also from manufacturers of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, says Paul Gustavsson.Elcowire works with durable copperElcowire offers solutions in so-called Low-carbon Copper, or sustainable copper. This is achieved through a high degree of electrification with renewable electricity already when the copper is mined in the mine, further through Elcowire’s efficient processing of copper cathodes – the raw material – into wire and other pre-materials for cables and other end products. A significant part of the copper used also comes from recycled copper from e.g. electronic scrap. This avoids the energy-consuming mining and melting processes. Elcowire today supplies Low-carbon Copper with more than 50 percent lower CO2 footprint than the average on the market. – When our customers participate in tender procedures, they are better off if they can demonstrate a low CO2 footprint. They can do that with our copper products, and in this way we contribute to end customers reaching their sustainability goals, explains Paul Gustavsson. Elcowire invests in EuropeFor Elcowire, the cost of processing and logistics is an important competitive factor. It is important not only to have the right products and competence, but also the right capacity and to be in the right place with regard to transport. With this as a background, in 2022 Elcowire acquired a company with a long history in copper production in the German city of Hettstedt. – With the new acquisition, we are getting closer to our customers in Central and Eastern Europe. Through geographical proximity, we can also offer a more competitive product as many of our larger customers have production in a number of locations around the European continent, explains Fredrik Adlercreutz, Head of Business Unit Rod, at Elcowire. At the same time, they are constantly investing in becoming more efficient and better, such as by developing copper wire with better material properties via different alloys, using alternative means of transport and lowering their own energy consumption and thus energy costs. Waste heat is also recovered for district heating. – Elcowire always strives to deliver a better and more durable copper product, concludes Fredrik Adlercreutz.About Elcowire Group Elcowire Group is a Swedish company that is part of the Liljedahl Group. The business is conducted in Helsingborg and Hettstedt in Germany, with a total of approximately 400 employees. Annual production volume is around 300,000 tonnes and we have customers all over the world. Among the products are wire, ropes, profiles and conductor materials made of copper and also alloys. Read more at The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Elcowire Group and not an article by Dagens industri

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