The startup Rappi will start accepting payments with cryptocurrencies


The delivery startup rappi is testing to allow users to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method in its application. For now, the tests are being carried out in Mexico, however, the company operates in other Latin American countries, including Brazil and Colombia.

According to information from the Mexican portal Expansionthe initiative is an alliance between Rappi, the Bitso cryptocurrency exchange and payment service bitpay. Since both also operate in Brazil, it is likely that the novelty will soon arrive in our country.

For now, users will not be able to pay directly with cryptocurrencies. However, it will be possible to buy credits within the Rappi app itself, which has the same practical result.

iFood rival with an eye on the market trend

Although it is already possible to find several gateways that allow you to add credit on various platforms, including Rappi itself, the company’s announcement aims to make life easier for its users, since they can make purchases directly through their application. using cryptocurrencies.

According to Sebastián Mejía, co-founder and president of Rappi, this initiative is a way to add more payment methods to the application. Thus improving the user experience.

“In this first phase, we decided to build a product that allows our consumers to connect their digital wallets and exchange accounts to convert cryptocurrencies into Rappi credits and thus access all the products available within the platform.”

In this way, this iFood rival takes the lead in this digital race, which may make other startups follow the same trend. Although such functionality has not yet been announced for Brazil and Colombia, it seems to be only a matter of time, after all, their partners already operate in our country.

Furthermore, another co-founder of Rappi, Andreas Bilbao, is also involved with cryptocurrencies. In the case at hand, it is an NFT project focused on the protection of forests. So it seems that the company is attentive to market trends.

While he did not mention which cryptocurrencies Rappi will accept, it is possible that the app accepts the currencies that its two partners work with. Therefore, bitcoin and ethereum There appear to be two currencies that will be available to purchase credits.

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