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Published: 14 March 2023, 09:00 Updated: 23 March 2023, 09:52Christian Smedman, CTO Mabtech and Ann Louise Johansson, Qamcom review results from the Mabtech IRIS FluoroSpot reader that the two companies developed together. The product is used for studies of the immune system in, for example, infectious diseases, cancer and allergies as well as vaccination research. The research and technology company Qamcom has extensive experience in developing value-driven technical solutions. By effectively applying AI in industrial applications and systems, they have worked to develop smart cities, improve research on malaria resistance, ensure quality production in industry, counter the spread of forest fires and count livestock using drones. At Qamcom, 170 hand-picked experts with expertise in hardware work, software and system development. – We are a unique specialist company with expert knowledge in sensors, signals and systems. We have all the competence in-house to take a product all the way from idea to final product and can adapt our technology development to different companies’ conditions, business goals and desired effect, says Ann Louise Johansson, PhD and Site Manager at Qamcom in Stockholm.Industrial AIQamcom often acts as an R&D partner to its customers, helping them with everything from specifying what they want to technology development and implementation. – Our mission is to help the customer arrive at the best solution to a problem. Within Industrial AI, it is about solutions for digital inspection, monitoring and analysis using various sensors. It can be automatic person recognition, quality inspection on a product line or traffic analysis at a road crossing, says Ann Louise Johansson. To find the right solution, systems and system requirements must be taken into account and Qamcom can contribute with its knowledge and technical expertise there. – To solve industrial problems in the best way, we need to understand the data we are to analyze and use the system engineer’s entire toolbox to get an optimal solution. AI is a great tool but not the only one and when AI is implemented in industrial applications one has to design and optimize the system including the AI ​​algorithms based on the system requirements. It is not enough to just have knowledge of AI and software, says Ann Louise Johansson.Platform facilitates the right solutionQamcom has developed an AI platform that makes it easier, cheaper and faster to arrive at the right solution for the customer. The platform is primarily developed for computer vision applications and provides a basic structure for the AI ​​models that can be adapted for new applications depending on what the system requirements are. – The platform makes it possible to adapt which kind of algorithm is used, which functions one wants, e.g. object detection and classification, and which hardware or alternatively the cloud on which the calculations are to be done. The latter is governed by, among other things, real-time requirements, physical size, performance and integrity requirements and energy consumption, explains Ann Louise Johansson.About Qamcom
Qamcom is a knowledge-based specialist company in hardware, software and system development that bridges the gap between research, technology and business development. Qamcom offers ground-breaking technology solutions, products and services in electronics, wireless communication, industrial AI and IoT, signal processing and systems technology. Read more at qamcom.comThe article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Qamcom and not an article by Dagens industri

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