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This is how Digip digitizes the intellectual property rights market

Published: 30 August 2022, 09:00 Updated: 5 September 2022, 11:29A trademark registration not only protects against infringement and copying – it can also increase trust and respect for the brand. 80 percent of a company’s value resides in intangible assets, but the process of trademarking them has previously been lengthy and cumbersome. Now Digip has made the traditional intellectual property market completely digital. The digital intellectual property assets have exploded in step with the progress of digitization and today companies need an intellectual property strategy for e.g. domain name and trademark registrations, trademark infringement and security services for DNS. At the same time, the era of cryptocurrencies, blockchain applications and other virtual goods has made brand management challenging for organizations to manage. Viktor Johansson started Stockholm-based Digip in 2019, together with Christian Vierling, Victor Fredriksson and Jimmy Hörström. They have more than 300 clients in 40 countries and work primarily with high-tech startups, digitally driven SMEs, e-commerce companies and digital service providers.Free legal assistance– Our platform differs from the competitors as unlimited brand searches can be made. Our clients can also book meetings with legal advisors and brand experts free of charge, which saves time and cuts down on the costs that traditionally come with branding work. It is a combination that I believe will be particularly attractive in today’s market, where companies need to review their costs and streamline operations. It will be exciting to follow the macroeconomic changes we are now seeing. Viktor describes Digip as a wholehearted partner for the protection of the various parts of the brand. He believes the collaboration is rooted in joint work with the customers. – By combining innovative technology and specialist advice, we build together a proactive, cost-effective and protective brand strategy adapted to the customer’s needs. It is the customer who knows their market best, we supplement the work with our expertise on the various parts of trademark protection. Together we map the risks associated with the brand. Our platform then scans the market to proactively monitor for potential breaches.A costly mistakeTogether, the founders have more than 50 years of experience in strategic consulting, and Viktor says that you can clearly see how companies are affected by lack of or non-existent trademark protection. – As it can be a complicated and lengthy registration process, many people neglect to trademark their products; they may think that breaches are rare or that they will catch up on registration later. If someone then copies the company’s code, design or other intangible assets, the price tag can be large and very, very unnecessary. It was that realization that laid the foundation for Digip. They lead the development of the traditional intellectual property industry and want to simplify and challenge an industry that has not kept up with the digital development, but still developed innovative solutions. – Digip made history when we were the first agents to apply for trademark protection through an API connection. We combine knowledge with the market’s most innovative technology – we simply make it smooth and cost-effective for companies to have control over their intellectual property portfolio, concludes Viktor Johansson. Read more at The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Digip and not an article of Dagens industri

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