The Riksbank does not currently see increases greater than 25 points ahead

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Increased profitability with a flexible and specialized debt collection partner

Published: 10 May 2022, 09:00Collecting unpaid receivables can take a long time, which can affect a company’s profitability, cash flow and customer losses. PS Finance Group helps entrepreneurs from agreements to debt collection by gathering financing solutions, debt collection and law under one roof. – With qualified receivables management, creditors’ customer losses are reduced and a better cash flow is provided. Our combination of qualified debt collection advisers and lawyers who only specialize in disputes over receivables creates a unique competitive advantage, says Christer Eriksson, founder and CEO. Customers who do not pay on time and invoices that are piled up can quickly lead to reduced profitability and liquidity in a company. PS Finance Group is a quality supplier in receivables management, operating throughout the Nordic region. Christer Eriksson, founder and CEO, says that as a customer you get access to qualified debt collection services through one and the same interface. – We offer a premium service that enables companies to get paid for their goods and services, for the right to be right. We provide support throughout the financial process – from invoicing to payment – with, among other things, corporate financing, invoicing services, reminder and debt collection services, service and receivables purchases. It provides a great customer benefit, especially for companies with larger receivables from B2B, not least banking and finance.Alone about the competenceFor twenty years, PS Finance Group has conducted leading Swedish and international invoicing and debt collection operations. They create conditions for sales through credit in the Nordic region, while maintaining customer relationships and ensuring growth in Sweden. Today, PS Finance Group is the only remaining debt collection company that specializes in qualified receivables management. They provide services in finance, debt collection and law and assess a company’s collection path through analysis and specialist expertise. To minimize the time that customers need to spend on administration, PS Finance Group has developed a number of effective solutions. – We are Sweden’s leading specialists in B2B debt collection and give our customers access to simple and smart web systems for follow-up and information, which makes it easy to send both payment reminders and debt collection requirements. We have ready-made integrations with several of the market-leading systems, which makes the work smooth. More profitable than the averageBy submitting overdue invoices to PS Finance Group, the receivables are handled quickly and efficiently. Their methods have proven to be 15 percent more effective than the Swedish average when it comes to legal action and with their high level of service, solid expertise and their intelligent, technical solutions, they want to be the obvious choice as a debt collection partner in Sweden. – We work continuously with to develop our advanced debt collection services to be at the forefront. We will continue to invest in integrated services based on API solutions to meet the discerning debt collection buyer and ensure seamless debt collection processes also in the future.PS Finance Group
PS Finance Group has grown by 100 percent in three years and is Sweden’s only provider of qualified receivables management services. They are active throughout the Nordic region with a single interface for all regions. With twenty years of experience in the industry, they have helped over 2000 companies to get paid for their goods and services, for the right to be right.Read more about PS Finance Group hereThe article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with PS Finance Group and not an article by Dagens industri

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