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Published: 11 February 2022, 10: 05Updated: 14 March 2022, 09:59What are great cloud solutions and how can your organization benefit from them? Wenche Karlstad at Tietoevry guides you through a maze of regulations and explains how to handle sensitive information in the cloud.Learn to navigate a superb cloud infrastructure – watch Tietoevry’s livecast Superb cloud solutions can most easily be described as cloud services that provide smart tools to keep your data secure. But more specifically, it is about where the information is, where it is sent and who has control over it. – These are core issues that are important in a world where information means power. It is inevitable that cloud services end up in the spotlight given that they are the engine of our modern computer economy, says Wenche Karlstad, Head of Customer Value and Service Offering Development at Tietoevry, the Nordic region’s leading digital service and software company.

A legal limbo

European companies and organizations are increasingly storing data in public clouds. But there is a limbo around public cloud services, where the driving factors are the US Cloud Act and similar laws in other countries, such as China. These are in conflict with EU regulations. The EU’s goal is therefore to counteract dependence on services outside the EU and to reduce the risk of organizations outside Europe having access to critical information.Wenche Karlstad at Tietoevry.Wenche Karlstad at Tietoevry. Cloud solutions are a natural part of this area and regulations such as the GDPR, Data Act and Data Governance Act all aim to control the flow of data across EU borders. An example of how this works in reality is that cloud providers must be able to guarantee that their data is stored on servers in Europe under the control of their customers.

The right data in the right cloud

However, it is up to each data protection manager to decide what data they store in the cloud and whether there is a risk that it could be moved outside the EU. It requires a proper data classification and assessment of applications. – The right applications and the right data must enter the right cloud and it is important to distinguish data that can be classified as critical according to national and regional security standards, explains Wenche Karlstad. – First and foremost, there are different classifications such as public and confidential information as well as data with limited access. These vary depending on the country and region. On top of that, there are different types of data such as personal, national and organizational.

Superb clouds

In other words, it is important to make an evaluation of all data and applications. With superior cloud solutions, you can protect critical information while getting the most out of the data you have. These solutions ensure that all data, including metadata, stays on superb ground and in a reliable environment. – In a perfect world, data sovereignty should be a natural part of a multicloud strategy. The only thing required is an understanding that all data is not the same and should not be treated in the same way, and that there are differences between different cloud solutions, says Wenche Karlstad.Sovereign cloud solutions are the solution that can ensure the digital independence of nations, organizations and citizens, she says. – At the same time, digital sovereignty is important for collaborations and promotes innovation. We want openness, trust, transparency and inclusion to guide the digital future. Learn to navigate a superb cloud infrastructure – watch Tietoevry’s livecast

Five tips on how your organization can benefit from digital sovereignty:

1. Classify your data and minimize the risk of sensitive and critical information.2. If you do not already have it, create a professional role that handles these issues, such as a data protection manager.3. Understand how your data flows in different directions and perform a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DIPA) before moving data to the cloud.4. Think Cloud Smart, not Cloud First – move the right data to the right cloud.5. Get help from a trusted multicloud partner who can help you find the right path in the maze.

About VMware’s Sovereign Cloud

VMware is part of Gaia-X and has its own initiatives for superb clouds. VMware collaborates with partners such as TietoEVRY and builds, operates and sells superior cloud solutions in, for example, the Nordic region. VMware has strict requirements, which means that the suppliers who live up to strategic requirements for data sovereignty can be connected with the right customers, much faster. Curious? Here you will find more information.

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