The opposition to attacks on the government’s economic policy


The red-green parties attacked the government for not investing enough resources in welfare. “I think many people are pissed off,” says the Green Party’s spokesperson Per Bolund in the first televised debate after the election.Published: December 11, 2022, 9:46 p.mThe debate began with a duel between Center leader Annie Lööf and the Liberals’ Johan Pehrson over migration policy. Lööf accused the liberal Pehrson of implementing the Sweden Democrats’ (SD) policy “point by point, page up and page down”. The C leader. She attacked the government’s policy for not being legally secure when the right to an interpreter and legal assistants is to be limited and for breaking the possibility of families with children to live together in Sweden by tightening the right to family reunification. Lööf also claimed that the core of the government’s Tidö agreement is about deporting people, not about integrating them into Swedish society. Pehrson criticized Lööf for not seeing the problems that a large immigration has created in Sweden and considered that C lacks a policy to solve them. He pointed out that L has long been pushing for immigrants to learn the language, for jobs and for decency. For Moderat leader Ulf Kristersson, the TV debate was the first in which he had the role of prime minister. “The new government sought and received a mandate to rethink migration policy. As simple as that. Immigration and integration are connected,” he said.The government must intervene otherwise investigate the possibility of converting already issued permanent residence permits into temporary ones or into Swedish citizenship. About 300,000 people live in Sweden today with permanent residence permits. “We cannot bring people here under the pretense that we will help them as refugees and then expect them to live here and live on Swedish taxpayers for the rest of their lives,” said SD – leader Jimmie Åkesson. “The focus must be that you come here as long as you need the protection”, then you return. The former prime minister, the Social Democrats’ Magdalena Andersson, had no major criticism of the government’s migration policy. She did, however, criticize the parties on the government side for their “total inability” to acknowledge the anxiety many people now feel about their future in Sweden. She also had objections regarding the government’s investments in welfare and how much money is put into state subsidies for municipalities and regions.”I understand that these are tough times and that you need to prioritize in the budget. But the problem is that the priorities are completely wrong,” Andersson said.Also Per Bolund went on the attack against the government and accused energy and food minister Ebba Busch (KD) of presenting a budget cut for welfare. “What I complain about is that Ebba Busch spent the election campaign walking around waving falu sausages and talking about welfare promises. I think that an incredible number of people are disappointed and cursed when you see what it really resulted in.” Busch highlighted that the government wants to introduce a national management of care. “We have tried your politics. The result is a record in care queues, now we are changing that.”

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