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Self-driving cars will increase safety on our roads

Published: March 15, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: March 14, 2023, 11:46 a.m.CEO Ödgärd Andersson in front of one of the company’s development cars where new code is continuously tested and evaluated. 1.3 million people die every year in traffic globally, and usually the human factor is behind the accidents. Zenseact was formed to use and develop new technology to reduce the number of accidents. – Zero vision is possible to reach, with the right technology, says Ödgärd Andersson, CEO of Zenseact. Together with our first customers Volvo Cars and Polestar, we see that the car itself is part of the solution to remove the mistakes that people often happen to make. In addition, the self-driving technology will create both more pleasant driving and a better traffic climate with fewer emissions. The vehicle industry is undergoing major, fundamental changes where electrification is a fact, and constant connectivity and new business models are coming more and more. The industry is working intensively to make the car more like what we are used to from our mobile phones, smart TVs and similar gadgets. In the industry, they talk about the car going from being hardware-defined to being software-defined. Precisely software for self-driving cars is considered the challenge of the century, but already this year Zenseact will launch the first version of its software together with Volvo Cars and Polestar. – In the past, the industry may have been a little over-optimistic about how quickly it would be possible to get self-driving cars into traffic. Today, we have a much more realistic approach to what can be done and when it will happen, says Ödgärd Andersson, CEO at Zenseact. In Volvo Cars’ next generation of electric cars that will be launched later this year, the RidePilot self-driving function will be installed. The launch will take place in California, but the feature will only be activated once it is tested, approved and secure. This means that the car is completely self-driving, the driver is not responsible for driving, but the responsibility lies with Volvo Cars. The basis for RidePilot is Zenseact’s product OnePilot. It is a software platform that comes in Drive, Cruise and Ride levels. The first two are advanced driver support systems similar to those already available, but with a completely different accuracy and precision. They assist the driver, who is still responsible. – It is of course a great advantage for us to have Volvo Cars as our first customer, and we do much of our development together with them. We are already running tests, but the collaboration with Volvo will scale up the development of our software very much. We will have access to data from many more cars that will be out and about, and the cars will collect information even if Ride Pilot is not running. OnePilot increases driving safety by using modern software and car architecture and more advanced cameras, radar, lidar and ultrasonic sensors. Together with a very powerful computer and AI, the car can understand its surroundings better and react significantly faster than before. Zenseact’s roughly 100 AI specialists, experts in active security and hardware specialists on site in Gothenburg make the company special. However, there is always a need for additional excellence to succeed. – Our employees build our company. Together with the best companies in the industry, we work to offer our software to all car manufacturers. We want to offer the safest on the market to achieve our vision, zero accidents on the roads, concludes Ödgärd Andersson.About ZenseactZenseact is a software company that develops products for self-driving cars. At the head office at Lindholmen in Gothenburg, the majority of the 600 employees are based, and a smaller department is located in Shanghai, China. Zenseact is a subsidiary of Volvo Cars, which together with Polestar are Zenseact’s first customers as well as development partners. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Zenseact and not an article by Dagens industri

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