The New York Stock Exchange is heading for a negative opening

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Smart financing solutions create more room for growth

Published: 14 June 2022, 09:00It is becoming increasingly important that you as an entrepreneur can offer a modern, sustainable work environment with the latest technology to attract talent and create new collaborations with suppliers and customers. Then financing is an alternative that provides greater freedom of movement than if you were to pay the entire investment in full directly at the time of purchase. two to three years. With financing, you can ensure that your company keeps up with technology development more cost-effectively than if you had paid for the entire investment at the time of purchase, says Maria Sultan, sales manager at Grenke. Many benefits of financingBeing able to invest in everything from new technology to office furnishings adapted to the hybrid way of working is important for companies to succeed in their growth. But at the same time, it weighs on the ability to pay, which can hamper both future collaborations and development efforts in the company. – By financing your investments, you get better liquidity and know exactly what cost you have over time, which facilitates budgeting. Another advantage, which many do not know, is that you can get tax benefits as the financing goes as an operating cost. This means that the cost is 100 percent deductible, says Maria Sultan.Secure and transparent solutionsGrenke, which has been developing financing solutions since 1978, offers financing directly to the end customer or through partners. Solutions such as rent, leasing, and framework agreements are tailored to the customer’s specific needs. – This allows our customers to have access to the equipment they need while making it easier for them to make upgrades and replace the products on an ongoing basis when conditions change, says Maria Sultan . It is important for a company to have solid cash, but it is also important to invest to create growth. We usually advise our customers to use their equity to invest in what increases in value and not in what decreases. In addition, taking the cost in line with the revenue provides good liquidity. Which is very important today, explains Maria Sultan. Grenke’s financing solutions are easy to get started with, regardless of whether you go through one of Grenke’s knowledgeable partners or directly with Grenke. – It is easy to become a customer to us, our customers receive personal service and can feel confident that we really make sure they understand what a financing solution with us means. We only work with a fixed interest rate as we are keen to have a long-term collaboration with our customers and transparency throughout the business. Our digital platform also means that you quickly find out costs and can complete the deal directly via digital signing, concludes Maria Sultan.About GRENKE
GRENKE has been developing financing solutions for companies since 1978 and tailors the perfect financing solutions to suit your needs with fast, simple and personal service. Whether it’s powerful IT equipment or new office furniture, GRENKE can help you.Read more about Grenke and the company’s financing solutions The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Grenke and not an article by Dagens industri

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